Who Will Save Folly Coker From Gov Ambode? (unveiling the many wars between Tinubu’s godsons)

There is no love lost between the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwumi Ambode and the frontman of NTDC, Mr Folly Coker.

As much as the duo who had loved to conceal the hatred for each other, their difference has deepened to the point that the politicians are tearing at each other at any given opportunity.

Those in the know claimed the two Lagos politicians who ere both proteges of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu have had been at each other’s throat for a long time.

Sources revealed that Governor Ambode had long had the opinion that Folly Coker had been using his closeness to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu to secure appointments.

He was said to have officially lamented to confidant how Folly was imposed on him and he had to show evidence of his recklessness to Tinubu before he got the approval to sack him from his cabinet.

Folly was said to have taken the sack personal and had since been a critic of all the policies of the Lagos State government before he was later appointed the boss of the NTDC.

The feud deepened when Lagos State published an advertorial in the papers with claims that the government had succeeded in flushing out all the bad eggs in Ambode’s government.

The Lagos State government was also alleged to have sponsored the recent protest by some NTDC staffers who demonstrated and asked for the sack of Folly Coker as their Director General.

Folly was said to have reported to Tinubu, but he met a brickwall as the top politician told him his issue with Governor Ambode was a personal one he should be able to handle.

Folly was said to have fought back and he was alleged to be the sponsor of an incident where a lady claimed she was raped at the Lagos carnival by officials of the event.

Folly claimed the One Lagos project was his initiative and he wasn’t happy the State continues the project after his sack.

Sources revealed that the owner of the Browns cafe is about launching a counter project named ‘ONE NIGERIA’ to counter the Lagos State project.

It was also said that the war had spread amongst the aides of the two gladiators.

An encounter played out at this year’s Nottinghill Carnival in London where he Lagos State’s Commissioner of Information, Steve Ayorinde prevented the recognition of the NTDC boss, Folly Coker at the event.