‘We Can Have A Violence Free Election’ Papas Foundation Boss, Frank Okamigbo Advocates For The Youth

Frank Okamigbo, the CEO, Papas Group has joined his voice to the voices of the noble men and women of the great nation calling for a peaceful, free, fair and a violence free election.

Speaking with newsmen in his office, the UN Youth Ambassador for Peace expressed an immeasurable concern on how deep violence has eaten into the electoral process of this nation and youths being in the center of these violence breaks his heart more. He further said “We cannot all belong to the same political parties just as we cannot all come from the same families and it is very normal if we have different preferences of political candidates but we don’t have to kill ourselves”.

On the issues of youths participation in the electoral processes and being the tools for election violence he said, “Young people are the leaders of today and constitute a majority of voters in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. It will be very wrong to think of preventing them from participating in the election process but we must encourage and guide them to channel their raw energy towards significant and productive endeavors rather than ungodly activities. “it is a sad irony that young people who should have the most incentives to envision the long term and interest in the future are the mostly likely to be manipulated to sacrifices their own long term interests and sometimes their live for the sake of the older generation in power.” He then added.

Frank who is a successful businessman and a Master’s Degree holder in Philosophy from the University of Lagos advised the different political candidate contesting for electoral seats to allow the supremacy of development ideals, peace, love and unity be the focus and cease from endangering and destroying the bright and brilliant future of this great nation by reducing our youths to mere political thugs and tools of vendetta against their political opponents and enemies.

He then admonished the general public to go get their permanent voters card (PVC), come out on the day of the elections and vote wisely to save the future of our children, our youth and the future of our beloved nation, Nigeria.