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Geoscience Engineers Induct Oyo Deputy Governor, Rauf Olaniyan

The Nigeria Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (NAEGE), has conferred its prestigious distinguished fellowship on the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, Engr. Rauf Olaniyan.

Engr. Olaniyan was inducted during the Association’s 6th Annual Conference with the theme “Geosciences for Sustainability of Structures and the Environment” held at the International Conference Centre of the University of Ibadan recently.

The Association said the investiture was in attestation of Olaniyan’s outstanding performance as a foremost practitioner among the cadre of engineers in Nigeria.

Also, the investiture comes on the heels of his track records as an accomplished civil Engineer in the public sector of Oyo State in the last three decades.

Engineer Olaniyan, a civil engineer, asserted that the role of Geological Engineers is important in putting up structures since they studied the earth and buildings are erected in the earth, therefore their expertise is needed on what kind of structure fits the earth.

He encouraged the association to formally write to the state government and recommend what their role and importance is, so that the government can adopt their suggestions as policy.

The Oyo state second citizen lamented the spate of building collapse and assured that the state government is determined to see an end to such occurrences, adding that a recommendation from the association will be reviewed and adopted as a policy.

Engineer Olaniyan appreciated the association for awarding him the biggest honour of the association, promising to be a worthy ambassador while working towards its growth.

Earlier in the keynote address, the guest speaker, Mr. Fidelis Abija appealed to the state government to incorporate geologists into structural design and material selection plans especially for public buildings.

Abija called on other engineering sister associations to collaborate with them to deliver value and resilient structures that are sustainable and long lasting.

‘Oyo State Should Expect The Best’ Dep-Gov, Engineer Rauf Olaniyan

Many know that Engineer Rauf Olaniyan, the Deputy Governor of Oyo State, holds a degree in Civil Engineering, not many however know what he went through before he could achieve his dream of becoming a graduate. The Deputy Governor once worked as a labourer and even went as far as selling bread to make ends meet.
In this interview with Omi Tuntun’steam, made up of WOLE ADEJUMO, TUNDE AYANDA and OLAWALE AWE behind the camera, at his Oyo Road, Ibadan office, apart from narrating how providence and the quest to make Oyo State better brought him and Governor Seyi Makinde together, Engr. Olaniyan explained that the new government is headed by people who do not have obsessive tendencies.
He also spoke on how the experiences they have garnered over the years will help them in formulating policies that will restore the confidence people of Oyo State used to have in the government.
How did you meet Governor Seyi Makinde?

We met by providence or you can call it destiny. We met on the political field. We met while we were playing the politics of how to move Oyo State forward by being at the helm of affairs. We met as competitors and funny enough, we ended up as friends.

You wanted to be Governor, so at what point did you decide to team up with him and why did you take that decision?

We both evaluated ourselves on the field and the space. We were over 40 on the field, at a point we were over 65 on the field. Life is a matter of give and take; if it is for the purpose of moving Oyo State forward, my brother, let me tell you, three people cannot be governor at the same time. So it had to be a matter of give and take. You know everybody has his own area of comparative advantage, so after analyzing with people, if you don’t have something else that you are looking for other than how to move Oyo State forward, we have two things in common; one, the task of getting the All Progressives Congress out of Oyo State, the second is that I prefer making life meaningful for the citizenry and Engr. SeyiMakinde’s number one task is to make life abundantly easier for the people too. That is another common area.
From the little time you have known him, how would you describe his person?
Perfect gentleman. He is a focused person, he is not loud. Being an engineer too, you know we have some things in common. If you want me to tell you one of them ,itis brilliance. That is a common denominator of people who can be an engineer.