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Parrot Xtra Publisher Celebrates Hassan Fatungase At 60



 Publisher of Parrot Xtra Magazine/, Olayinka Agboola has sent out expressive greetings to his long-time friend and brother, Alhaji Hassan Taiwo Fatungase, former Bakers’ World, Ikeja, Lagos Director on the occasion of his 60th birthday anniversary.


In a statement  personally signed by Agboola, former Nigeria Coordinator for Ovation International Magazine described Alhaji Hassan Fatungase as the most selfless Nigerian he has ever encountered.

Agboola continued, “Hassan is not only selfless, he is intelligent, forward looking, hard-working, vibrant, resourceful, compassionate and above all, very God-fearing.”

The Ibadan-based media entrepreneur then went ahead to submit that the astute technocrat is a man who appreciates human beings and the value of friendship.

“Those who attended the University of Lagos with him in those days will attest to it that ‘Fatuu’, as he used to be called then would sacrifice anything to keep a working-relationship.


“Even when he joined one of the five-star hotels in Abuja in the early 90s, it did not take long before he was promoted to become the very first African to occupy a managerial position before he joined the Bakers’ World family business in Lagos. His records are still there till today.

Feats At Bakers’ World

“While running Bakers’ World located on Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, journalists, broadcasters, creative young Nigerians and others were encouraged by him. The records are also there for people to verify. There is almost no big name in the entertainment/media industry in Nigeria today that has not directly and/or indirectly benefitted from Hassan’s large-heartedness. As a matter of fact, he used to settle quarrels when differences and ‘head-on-collisions’ were reported to him!”

Agboola also went ahead to describe how the celebrant of the day has been faring since he became the chairman of Abimbola Awoliyi Estate, Oko-Oba in Lagos where he presently lives.

“Hassan is team-player and a man who keeps improving in good-naturedness even as a semi-retired bureaucrat. Residents of Awoniyi Estate will tell his story better. Since he became the chairman some three years ago, living standards have since improved.

“Together with other executive members, the Estate has been winning awards as one of the best in the whole of Lagos State. Solar lights, good roads, fibre-optic-source of internet, faultless security architecture and enhanced sociability…and other achievements have been recorded by the Fatungase-led team.”

Agboola, who was also a pioneer staff at Thisday Newspaper concluded “Dear friends and colleagues, please join me to pray for this quintessential lover of fairness and equity. May Allah continue to be with him, grant him sound health, more prosperity, divine protection and long life. May his wonderful family comprised of ‘Iyalaje’ Doyinsola and the children- Tomisin, Ahmed, Ibrahim and Idris continue to enjoy divine grace too. Happy birthday to our Director at Parrot Xtra Media Network, many happy returns of this day, September 26.”


Celebrating Oba Sikiru Adetona’s 64 Years As Oba; The King Many Monarchs Wish To Be




Celebrating Oba Sikiru Adetona 64 years as Oba; The King Many Monarchs Wish To Be
Oba Sikiru Adetona 64 years on throne
Blessed By God And Honoured By Men
Oba Dr Sikiru Kayode Adetona, the Awujale of Ijebuland is the kind of king monarchs aspire to be, and at  64 years on the throne, that prestige has not waned a bit.
Installed as king on April 2, 1960, just a few months shy of Nigeria’s Independence, Awujale’s reign is currently older than the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As it stands, he is the longest-reigning first-class monarch in Nigeria. These are not mere statistics, they are hard facts that prove that Oba Adetona is a king blessed by God and honoured by men.
A cursory look at the life of this esteemed ruler is proof that when there are kings who are not limited in wisdom, power, goodness, and love for their subjects, then monarchy would be the best of all systems of government.
Every year, at the Ojude Oba festival, multitudes of Ijebu citizens throng home from all around the world to celebrate and felicitate with their beloved king. They do this not out of duty or an enforced obligation, but out of a deep-seated love for their king and their land.
But Awujale’s path to the throne was not one paved with velvet and inlaid with a thornless bed of flowers; no, it was rough, the journey was tough, and the experience could sometimes be bitter, as with that of men with great destinies. But these only served as stepping stones to his future, unanimously given, the throne.
Ọba Sikiru Olukayọde Adetọna, Ọgbagba Agbotewole II, was born 90 years ago on May 10, 1934, into the Royal House of Anikinaiya of Ijẹbuland in his father’s house in Imupa, Ijebu Ode.
As a prince from the line of Oba Adeleke, Ọgbagba Agbotewole I (c. 1825–1906), who was the Awujalẹ of Ijẹbuland from 1895 to 1906 and a descendant of Olu-Iwa, the legendary first Awujalẹ and Ọbanta, another founder of the Ijẹbu kingdom, Oba Sikiru was born to greatness.
After attending various Baptist Schools, Ereko, Ijẹbu-Ode; Ogbere United Primary School, Oke Agbo, Ijẹbu-Igbo; and Ansar-Ud-Deen School, Ijebu-Ode between 1943 and 1950, he attended Olu-Iwa (now Adeola Odutọla) College, Ijebu-Ode from 1951 to 1956. Between 1957 and 1958 he took up an appointment with the then Audit Department of the Western Region, Ibadan. From there on he resigned his appointment in 1958 to pursue further studies in accountancy in the United Kingdom.
By a letter dated January 4, 1960, referenced CB. 4 1/333, the Permanent Secretary in the Western Region Ministry of Local Government conveyed to the Local Government Adviser in Ijẹbu Ode approval of the Western Region Governor in Council, the appointment of Prince Sikiru Kayode Adetona as king, and his confirmation as the new Awujale of Ijebuland with effect from that date (January 4, 1960).
Prominent Ijẹbu sons like the late Ọgbẹni-Ọja, Chief (Dr.) Timothy Adeọla Odutọla, Bọbasuwa I, Chief Emmanuel Okusanya Okunọwọ (MBE, KFNM); and Aṣiwaju, Chief Samuel Ọlatubọsun Ṣhonibare began to arrange for the home-coming of the King-elect, and on January 18, 1960, the Head of the Ijẹbu Ode Regency Council, the Ọgbeni-Ọja, Chief Timothy Adeọla Odutọla formally presented the new traditional ruler to the whole world.
A man of tradition, he embarked on the customary traditional seclusion at the Odo for three months.
It would be remembered that even though Oba Sikiru Kayọde Adetọna had earlier been nominated along with five others by the ODIS, his great destiny prevailed and he was unanimously selected by the kingmakers in conformity with Section 11 of the Chiefs Law of 1957 applicable in Western Region. The then Governor signed the Instrument of Office approving Prince Sikiru Kayọde Adetọna as Awujalẹ of Ijẹbuland, and the formal coronation took place on Saturday, April 2, 1960.
But in the midst of all these, he had many documented and undocumented trials and travails.
Looking back, Oba Adetona’s extraordinary destiny serves history in preservation. His is a life to be wished for, a legacy that must be preserved, and a story that must continue to be told for generations to come.
Not many kings want their life story in the public domain, instead, as second-in-command to the gods, they prefer that air of mystery to ensure that their rule remains absolute and their personal affairs secret. But Awujale is a different kind of king – an erudite. He authored his biography, laying his cards bare and ensuring that many can learn the lessons of history through his life’s story. This is what formed the basis of the soon-to-be-released biopic, ‘Awujale’ by Ultimate Communications, as directed by Tunde Olaoye.
Currently gearing for an Ijebu premiere later this month, the film follows the life of Oba Sikiru through the ages in an unfolding story. This documents through film the life of one of the greatest obas in Yoruba Land.
As he marks his 90th birthday, it is only fitting that one should say ‘Kabiyesi O! Long may the crown sit on the head, long may the shoes fit the wearer, and long may you reign.” But in prayer, many would secretly say to the creator “May I be as great as the king, Oba Sikiru Kayode Adetona, the Awujale of Ijebu Land.”
Seun Oloketuyi Producer of the biopic writes from Lagos
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Style Meets Class At Billionaire, Tunde Ayeni’s Daughter Wedding Introduction




Placing all the odds that hounded his life recently in a paternity scandal behind, billionaire, Tunde Ayeni staged a superlative wedding introduction for his daughter some days ago.

It was an assembly of the rich and the super rich  who witnessed the wedding introduction of Bolaji, the pretty daughter of billionaire, Tunde Ayeni on Saturday, December 2, 2023.


The 15A Herbert Macaulay crescent, GRA, Ikeja home of the billionaire who headed the defunct Skye Bank wore a colourful look, as the lord of the home, his wife and all their kids in a themed act displayed their rarest form of hospitality and embraced the full Yoruba culture in heralding the first stage of matrimony as they welcomed friends into their home.


As expected, the guest list was grand! Ayeni’s friends did not disappoint, they came in their intimidating numbers.

Former NDDC boss, Timi Alaibe, former Attorney-General, Bayo Ojo, former Governor of Western Region, General David Jemibewon, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, Mogaji Wole Arisekola, Femi Falana, Chike Obi, Jide Omokore, Dakuku Peterside, Segun Awolowo, Orile of Ile-Ogbon, Oba Francis Olusola Alao, Senator Idris Umar, Yomi Awoniyi and many other dignitaries were spotted at the ceremony.


The Ayenis while expressing their appreciation after the event in a statement said ‘this auspicious occasion marks a significant milestone in our lives, and we are excited to share this momentous event with our dear friends and respected guests’.



Credit;  Streetjournal Magazine





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Ife Grand Resort; An Affordable Luxury In The Heart Of The Southwest




The Oonirisa, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi understood the mission when he anchored his 4-star rated holiday destination, the Ife Grand Resort in the ancient city of Ile-Ife.
Aside from the reason that Ile-Ife is the cradle of the Yorubas, a West African ethnic group with a population of 45 million people in 2023, the Ooni’s mission was to attract development to the source and also provide massive job opportunities for his people.
The huge investment is a legacy project embarked upon by Ooni Ogunwusi for urban renewal and redevelopment into the current smart city in the selfless spirit of ‘Charity Begins At Home’.
The Resort sits on an expansive 1000 acres of land which aside from offering facilities for exquisite lodging/accommodation, harbors multiple industrial parks with industries producing agricultural products as well as rendering essential services to the resort, the Ife community and Nigeria in general.
From a cinema which is under construction, to a five-a-side football pitch, a swimming pool, a children playing ground, a mini zoo, nightclub, restaurant, basketball court, events hall and the more than a hundred  rooms  are part of the facilities that make the resort live up to its grandeur.
This writer’s favorite spot  is the African Village, a four-hut village setting located in the deep of the resort with room rates going for just 9000 Naira. Can you believe that?
The resort cannot but function as it is placed under capable hands, the Managing Director, Reuben Abib  a seasoned hotel manager with stints in La Campagne Tropicana and various resort and hotels around the world.
He explained the motive behind the affordability of the resort as ‘Kabiyesi’s purpose to make it available to all. We have rooms that go for 10000 naira and that is why you can see a lot of students coming here. We have the best environment for studying and relaxation, also in entertainment, we have the blend of work and pleasure’.
The other aspect that gives the resort an edge is the security system, the Chief Security Officer, ‘Jayjay’ revealed there had never been any security breach circumstance while explaining that a quick response back up is always at hand to provide more security for the resort when necessary.
The event centre at the resort has hosted many A-list ceremonies, hardly can a week pass by without a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other memorable events taking place.
Another fascination at the resort is the ‘Opa river’, a historic river that borders the resort. From there you can actually experience nature as it harbours a palm oil pit, cocoa farm, pineapple plantation and other cash crops from the Southwest.
Animal lovers are in for a surprise as the resort has an ostrich farm and you can see monkeys at the closest range giving you the hint to keep your valuables.
From indications, the resort is planning towards December 2023 as it marks the peak for events and ceremonies. There is a talk of entertainment events and festivals slated for December with information that its likely going to be one of the biggest to end 2023.
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