Mohammed Babangida Steps Into Father’s Shoe, Set To Contest Niger Guber Race

In the face of calculations and the failing health of former Head of State, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida his first son, Mohammed is undergoing training to take over his father’s political interests.

The older Babangida who goes about with the pseudonym, IBB has been prevailed upon by his followers to use his connections to enthrone Mohammed as the State Governor in 2015.

The decision to make Mohammed the Governor came from his father’s ailing health. The General who is currently in Germany for medical reasons is believed to be losing his grip politically thus fuelling the need for his biological son to take over the baton.

IBB was said to have in the past shielded Mohammed from going into politics judging from what he considered his inexperience and what his failure could bring to the family’s reputation.

Calculations within the party structure in Niger State was that if Babangida could signal an open support for his son it would put him on an edge over other contenders and mount pressure on the favoured candidate, Umar Nasko who is the State’s Chief of Staff.

Many aspirants in Niger State who heard of Mohammed’s ambition were said to have not been taking him serious based on the knowledge that his father does not want him in politics.

To achieve his ambition, Mohammed was said to have contracted the support of one of his father’s closest allies, General Abdusalam Abubakar who has made it a duty and sounded the opinion to IBB on the reasons his son should contest the Niger State gubernatorial race.

IBB was said to have not given faith to the suggestion and promised to have some consultations that would decide Mohammed’s faith.

Insiders have pointed out that Mohammed is presently running a clandestine campaign while in wait of his father’s response.

Paper Mache also sourced that IBB has always wanted to correct the general impression about him which was formed during his annulment of the June 12, 1993 general election which was won in a landslide by his late friend, MKO Abiola.

He was believed to have been trying to lead an exemplary life as he grows older coupled with his ailment.

The former Head of State was said to have promised to support Umaro Nasko whenever there is need for it, a promise that has now been put in contemplation.