How Bayo Adelabu’s Convoy Almost Cut My Life Short – Ibadan Veteran Photographer, ‘Born Photo’

If you are familiar with Ibadan, the name ‘Born-Photo’ can not be strange to you. It’s a popular area in the ancient city which is made popular by the fame of one man, Pa David Owolabi Ositelu. The ace photographer owns the ‘Born photo’ studio which was the delight of the city back then.
There was no baby born in Ibadan in the 70’s, ‘Baba Born-photo’ must be there to shoot the newly-born compulsory 3-month-old picture. There was no wedding or birthday, without ‘Born-photo’ it wasn’t complete, not to talk of top functions and government events, he was the celebrity photographer of that time.
Many thought the legend is no more, but no Pa Ositelu is still alive and was going about his business but for an unfortunate event about two years ago that almost cut him down. Though he survived it, but the injury had cost him his living, he now moves from one hospital to another for treatment and now relies on friends for survival.
During a visit to his house in Ibadan some days ago, the Ogere-Remo indigene who has been plying his photography business at Isale-Osi area of Ibadan since 1950 was a sorry sight.
He narrated to papermacheonline crew the unfortunate event that almost got him crippled.
In his narration, the old man coined the Yoruba saying ‘Olorun ma je ka rin lojo ti ebi n pa ona’, he lamented his situation and begged for help…read the short interview below…
 You said you are almost 80, do you still take photographs for your customers?
Yes, am still an active photographer and I shall remain one till I breathe my last on earth. If not for the accident I had that has slowed me down a little bit. I’m still agile but I thank God because I would have been dead by now.
What happened sir?
It was one of the drivers in Bayo Adelabu’s convoy that knocked me down during the electioneering campaign of 2019 elections in Oyo State. It was indeed a sad day for me and I have not balanced since then. I was coming from Popoyemoja, on getting to the junction I realised there were so many cars. So I waited for them to pass, in fact, the area boys were hailing me, ‘Baba Born, Baba Born’  they all know me.
I was standing by the road side, Bayo Adelabu had already passed, it was the last car in his convoy that hit me. The next thing I knew was that everywhere had turned to a bush. Like I was in transit, I even saw my co-photographer, ‘Tunji Photo’ who had died the previous year. It’s a long story but thank God I came back to life.
 Was Adelabu aware of this and what did he do?
They only resuscitated me, took me home and that was all. Till today, I have not seen or heard from Bayo Adelabu. Some people came here and took my photos. It was even announced on radio that the politician whose convoy knocked down ‘Born Photo’ should go and do the necessary . I was told he said he wanted to go to Lagos quickly that when he comes back he would come and see me. That was the last thing I heard. I have never and will never wish him bad. I know the sister, Adepate very well. But he has not done well at all.