FG Seizes Former Governor’s House 24 Hours After Floating Rescue Nigeria Project

-Ayotunde Ayanda


The former Governor of Kwara State, Fatai Ahmed was shocked to the bone when he received a call that his house in Ilorin, Kwara State had been taken over by AMCON.


The politician who was still in Abuja where he had a programme to launch the Rescue Nigeria Project received the shocker via a phone call from one of aides in Ilorin who updated him how a team of 35 armed mobile policemen and lawyers stormed the house located at GRA, Ilorin, drove out the occupants and placed it under lock.


At the Rescue Nigeria Project event, Fatai, the convener decried the recent development in the country by saying ‘the change Nigerians embraced in 2015 is not what they are getting now…’ he also complained the high level of nepotism and lack of inclusiveness in this government.


In a short video taken by AMCON lawyer, Barrister Robert Nwoba, the legal counsel informed that the former Governor through his companies Trans International Properties and Trans IT are owing about 5 Billion Naira which the politician refused to settle.


He also claimed the debtor was asked to negotiate his plans of payment and he refused, leaving the debt management commission with no other alternative than to seize his sprawling mansion. He also stated that there is a plan to extend the seizure to his houses in Lagos and Abuja.