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Concerned Parties Move To Reconcile Nnamdi Okonkwo, Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe



From all indications, there is an effort to reconcile the former Managing Director of Fidelity Bank, Nnamdi Okonkwo and his successor, Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe.

A source revealed to papermacheonline that those concerned had reached out over the weekend to manage the situation between the two bankers in the interest of the bank and the general public.

The image of the bank was said to have been affected by the crisis calling for the need to bring together both parties.

As narrated, this is genesis of the crisis monitored on news blog, Maestromedia…

A rumble has started to brew in Fidelity Bank and if it isn’t quickly contained, may engulf the financial institution, cause disaffection among staff members with investors and shareholders likely to pull their investments and ultimately affect the fortunes of the bank.

The people at the centre of this rumble are none other than Nnamdi Okonkwo, the former MD/CEO of the bank and his successor, Nneka Onyali-Ikpe, the current MD/CEO of the bank.

The duo who supposedly have a mentor and mentee relationship, have now parted ways acrimoniously over high level ambition.

According to Maestrosmedia, trouble started when Nnamdi Okonkwo just like his fellow bankers do, decided he needed to be very much involved in who takes over from him. Like his ilks, Okonkwo’s need to be involved in who replaces him, was simply to get someone who he trusts enough to protect his interest and to have his back, owing to all of his financial dealings when he was at the helm of affairs at the bank.

When Fidelity Bank began shopping for his replacement, Okonkwo already had in mind the perfect person he wanted to take over from him. He was reportedly planning to bring in someone who has shown brilliancy from another banking institution of repute before he got cornered by one of his executive directors.

The director who is now the incumbent MD of Fidelity Bank had gone out on limb to meet with the highest echelon of the bank responsible for making the choice for a replacement, without Okonkwo’s knowledge.

Onyali-Ikpe who obviously wanted to advance her career showed keen interest for the job and went after it with all the gusto she could muster. Luckily, it worked in her favor and the board of the bank got sold out to her.

Okonkwo was miffed that she had gone behind him to pitch herself for the job without his knowledge. And so he tried to dissuade the board to go with his choice but their mind was obviously made up and she became their choice. This was all the more made possible by her husband, Ken Onyali-Ikpe who allegedly put every resource at his disposal to make his wife’s dream come true.

Since her assumption to the office of the MD on January 1st, Onyali-Ikpe is allegedly said to be on a ‘house cleaning’ agenda; weeding out those who she perceives to be loyal to the erstwhile MD and who could possibly undermine her.

A few have been smart enough to jump ship and avoid the humiliation of being sent packing. One of those The Street Journal gathered, who saw the signs and quickly left is Charles Aigbe, the former deputy general manager/head, brand and communications is now the deputy Vice President, community relations, HEIRS Oil.

Only those who switched allegiance have been spared from madam’s hammer

Also, the former MD/CEO’s tenure is already going through thorough scrutiny with the hope that eagle eyes will catch something the ex MD doesn’t want unearthed and hopefully, get him the Francis Atuche treatment.


Ex-Gov Akala’s ADC Commits Suicide In Ogbomoso




Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP Gbolahan Oyedemi, reportedly hung himself in his apartment in Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

The deceased senior police officer, who was said to have gone home for the Easter celebration, was alone located at his Petros Academy Street, Federal Low-cost area residence.

Late Oyedemi who was in his 50s was Aide de Camp to late Governor Adebayo Alao-Akala during his eleven-month tenure as governor (January to December 2006

When arrived at the residence at Petros Academy Street, Federal Low Cost area the police had cordoned off the area but sympathizers were seen in groups discussing the matter in a hushed tone.

“Sometimes he came home with police security l saw him recently driving personally into his beautiful mansion,” a neighbour said.

National Insight reported a police source hinted about a quick investigation into what could lead to the tragic end of a gallant Deputy Police Commissioner.

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‘I want people to settle our fight, but…’ K1’s Lead Drummer,Ayanlowo Gives Condition For Reconciliation




-Ayotunde Ayanda


K1’s lead talking drummer, Ayankunle Ayanlowo has listed the condition for him to reconcile with his boss, Wasiu Ayinde, the Mayegun of Yorubaland.


At his home in Felele, Ibadan in a private chat, the drummer in his request stated ‘I want them to settle our fight. I want them to call us together, he(Wasiu) should be God-fearing and state his part, while I should also be present to speak my mind. The elders should step in but God knows, I will never go back to him’.


When asked why he vowed never to go back, Ayanlowo replied, ‘he is vindictive, he never forgives and I’ve placed everything in the hands of God. I can never go back to the band”.


The lead drummer while confirming that some cleric leaders and traditional rulers have waded into the matter also said ‘part of my condition is that at any location they pick for the peace-meeting, if anything happens to me, I would hold the people that call for the meeting responsible and they’ve assured me nothing of sort would happen”.


He hinged his fears on the attack at his Felele, Ibadan home where his windows was shattered by people he believed to be loyalists of his boss.


‘I’ve worked with him for 32 years and now I want to be on my own, I’ve tried! They should just leave me in peace’, he begged.


Ayankunle had accused Wasiu  of providing a poor welfare package for his band members, which KWAM 1 has since denied and this has generated a lot of issues that called for the intervention of top monarch, the Aseyin of Iseyin, Oba Sefiu Adeyeri who claimed to have instructed Ayankunle to stop posting videos or granting interviews.

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The Story Of Ibadan High Chiefs Who Died Two Months, Two Weeks Before They Could Become King




-Tunde Ayanda


With the passage of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun some days ago, the ‘irukere’, (the horsetail, symbol of authority of Yoruba Obas) has pointed to where it’s going.


Without any consultation or appointment, the whole of Ibadanland understand it’s now the turn of High Chief Owolabi Olakulehin.


Such is the uniqueness of the Obaship tradition of Ibadan. It is the only kingdom in the world where every true son of Ibadan is a potential king. You don’t have to be a prince, all you need is a selection from your family house as a Mogaji (representative).


While the Obaship system and ascension to the coveted throne of Olubadan is unique and predictable, getting to the top of the ladder means a gift of long life for the highest ranking chiefs of the ancient Yorùbá capital city of Oyo State.

Becoming Olubadan is on rotational basis between the two lines of ascension to the throne headed by Ọtun Olubadan (Civil line) and Balogun (Military line). But in recent years, over a decade, there have been two high chiefs and of course, next-in-lines to the throne who never get to the top.



High Chief S.A. Omiyale (Balogun of Ibadan)

High Chief Sulaimon Adegboyega Omiyale was the Balogun of Ibadan land and next-in-line to Oba Samuel Odulana Odugade 1, the 40th Olubadan who reigned from 11th of August, 2007 to 19th of January, 2016 and died at the age of 101 years.

With Oba Odulana, who succeeded Oba Yinusa Ogundipe Arapasowu 1, as next-in-line from the Civil line, it was supposed to be the turn of High Chief Omiyale, had it been he lived to succeed the aged monarch.

But the Balogun of Ibadan land died on Saturday, 7th November, 2015 at the University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan, at the age of 91.

Two months after his death, the reigning Olubadan, Oba Odulana died on 19th January, 2016.

High Chief Omowale Kuye (Ọtun Olubadan)

High Chief Omowale Kuye was the Ọtun Olubadan, traditional head of the Civil line. With Omiyale’s death, Kuye was a step closer to becoming Olubadan, but he also didn’t live to succeed the monarch.

Kuye, who was a former Director General, Special Duties and later Budget in the Office of the President of Nigeria — under both Alhaji Shehu Shagari and General Olusegun Obasanjo — died on 20th November, 2015; barely two weeks after the demise of Balogun of Ibadan land.

Because of the earlier death of Balogun Omiyale whose line was supposed to produce the next monarch after the reigning Olubadan, High Chief Kuye would’ve become the next Olubadan being the highest ranking of the Olubadan-in-Council, but he also passed on before Oba Odulana.

Additionally, the demise of both Balogun Omiyale and Ọtun Olubadan Kuye, paved the way for the then Otun Balogun, Saliu Akanmu Adetunji, who eventually succeeded Oba Odulana as the 41st Olubadan in 2016. He was also succeeded in 2022 by the recently deceased 42nd Olubadan, Oba Lekan Balogun, Alli Okunmade II.


Additional report from Tribuneonline

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