Billionaires At War! Why Captain Hosa Okunbor Is Fighting Kola Karim

When the gods fight, the earth trembles! This is a better way to describe what is going on between the Chairman of Ocean Marine, Captain Hosa Okunbor and Ibadan billionaire, Kola Karim.
In the real sense of it both men are billionaires, they are captain of industries and they both earn their marks and trade in the oil business, they were both good friends not until recently when the devil decided to test their friendship.
Insiders revealed that Captain Hosa was said to have brought a juicy business plan to Kola Karim, a pipeline contract and they both agreed to partner and share the gains and loss of the business.

Captain Hosa offered to handle the security part of the business and over charged to the tune of about $5M.
Karim was said to have quickly pointed that out and thought the mistake could be corrected in their usual friendly way, but no, the licensed Captain would have none of that. ‘my word is final’ he said.

Kola called a management meeting of his Shoreline company, they all agreed he should pull out of the deal.

Hosa detailed the report where he alleged that Kola enjoyed a robust relationship with the embattled former petroleum Minister, Allison Deziani whom he dumped when she ran into troubled waters. He also alleged Karim of different fictitious atrocities in the country’s oil and gas sector.

It was widely believed that the report was targeted at giving Kola Karim a bad reputation in the eyes of the Buhari/Osinbajo government.

Karim over the years has built his reputation and is in the good book of the present government.
Captain Hosa Okunbor is hell bent on seeing Kola goes down. A source revealed he has taken another shot at him as he moves to the United Kingdom where he knows Kola has many friends, associates and investments to spread the tale.

In the heat of the matter, Kola was said to have kept his calm, obviously with the knowledge that he has a lot to lose and extending an olive leaf to Captain Hosa.

Another factor many believed must have ruined their friendship was the choice of candidates the oil barons are backing for 2019 presidential election.

While Okunbor is rooting for the comeback of President Buhari, Karim wants Atiku and he had made a bold step of his support by committing $30M to Atiku’s campaign.