Arisekola’s Family Battles CBN Topshot, Bayo Adelabu

The dream of CBN deputy-governor, Bayo Adelabu to dump his suit and join politics with an ambition to become the Governor of his state in 2019 is receiving its first threat judging from an information of a face-off between the banker and the children of his godfather, late Aare Arisekola Alao.


A source revealed to papermacheonline that some members of Arisekola’s family who were privy to how the late businessman molded Bayo’s career to become an Executive Director with the First Bank and later a Deputy-Governor with the CBN  reached him for an undisclosed support which he failed to fulfil.


An angry member of the Arisekola family was said to have sent a text to Mr Adelabu to remind him of all the benefits and supports he enjoyed under the late ‘Aare Musulumi’ who was his godfather and he was said to have promptly replied the text message with ‘I got to the height of my career thru the help of no one else than God, pls get lost!’, a message the family considered  an act of ingratitude considering what they alleged the banker benefitted from the late Islamic scholar.


The source further revealed that some influential people in the state have been trying to wade into the matter in what they knew if not managed well could hinder the progress and political plans of the young banker judging from the late businessman’s influence in the political circuit in the state.


Bayo Adelabu is at the moment building his political structure in Oyo state with observers placing a bet on him as the likely successor to the incumbent Governor of the State, Abiola Ajimobi.


The banker aside from being popular has a fine pedigree (he is the grandson of late politician, Adegoke Adelabu ‘penkelemesi’) and has a large purse to finance his ambition.


The young man had recently invested in the city’s hospitality and nightlife business with his ownership of Bayse One hotel and shopping mall located in choice areas around Ibadan while the news is also rife on the proposed construction of another ultramodern events centre in the same city.