Why NTDC DG, Folly Coker’s Second Marriage To Aisha Rimi Crashed

The dutiful Director General of the Nigerian Tourism Development Commission, Folorunso Coker has parted ways with his darling wife, Aisha Rimi.


The socialite married the Northern beauty after splitting with his first wife, Tiffany Amber boss, Folake Akindele some years ago and they were said to be the perfect couple until things went awry and the woman packed out of her matrimonial home.


Sources close to the family claimed the marriage went south as a result of a major scandal that rocked the couple.


Aisha Rimi who was formerly married to Lateef Bello-Osagie was linked with the diversion of N3Billion from an account of Lagos State Government Number Plate Production Authority when her husband, Coker was the Managing Director.


It was alleged that prosecutors nailed Folly and his wife after an investigation of the fraud which was committed in 2017 where suspicious transactions was discovered on the account of Rimi and Partners.


According to investigators, heavy inflows in excess of N3Billion from LSGNPPA into 10 GTBank accounts owned by Aisha Rimi was flagged by the EFCC where it was discovered that the husband, Coker was also a signatory to the accounts.


The scandal which many thought would affect Coker’s appointment into NTDC had a huge impact on his marriage.


There were said to be accusation and counter-accusations as to who-did-what and what-shouldn’t-have-been-done by the couple and the matter degenerated badly  to the point that the wife was ejected from their matrimonial home.


Sources claimed the husband heaped series of blames on the wife as the heat of the investigations fell on them.


Friends of Aisha who have details of what actually transpired felt she was badly treated, judging by past experience and her loss when she was married to Coker.