Why Friends Argue Dudu Heritage’s Death Was Not Natural

The death of top socialite, Ola Ibironke popularly known as ‘Dudu’ is generating a debate among his many friends and admirers.
The deceased who was the Captain of the Ibadan Gold Club slumped and died some days ago at the club house, Onireke Ibadan in the evening of Sunday 12th December, 2021.
Some of his friends who were shattered by the news of his untimely death had been reading meaning to the circumstances surrounding his death.
One of them that spoke in confidence to papermacheonline hinted that the late music promoter didn’t die of any sickness. In his words, ‘Dudu was known to have been managing high blood pressure issue, but if you are close to him you would know he doesn’t joke with his medication. He had lost weight and was very fit, I was surprised when I got the call that he died. His brother told me that he took a flight to Lagos on Saturday and he got back to Ibadan and was picked at the airport only for them to hear he slumped at the club, it was like a dream, not natural at all’. 
Another friend hinted that Ola Ibironke wasn’t the first person to have died of similar circumstances at the Ibadan Golf Club, he revealed a Major General of the Nigerian Army who was also a prominent member of the club died in a similar circumstances at the club some months ago.
Further digs into the activities of the Dudu Heritage boss at the Golf Club before his death showed that he was the first member ever at the club to have won a second term as the Captain.
Aside serving a second term, the late socialite has a record of achievements at the club and he had many other plans which he had shared with members about restoring the prestige of the club before his death.
His death, causes and effect had since become a topic for debate and argument among his friends and scores of admirers.