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‘There Is Need For Buhari To Sack All His Ministers And Economic Advisers’ Wole Arisekola



publisher and Chairman of the Association of Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria (AMPON) Wole Arisekola has queried the approach of the Buhari administration to its anti-corruption crusade.

Though many see the war against corruption as timely; especially to restore the nation’s dignity, retrieve her collective wealth stolen by the few, and put the nation on the path of greatness, others see the war as lopsided, vendetta, apparently, targeted at the opposition to the government.

In his recently expressed open mind opinion, tagged ‘School of Thought’, Arisekola averred that the war against graft must be fought within known conventions, rather than on spontaneous intuition without concrete evidence.

Goje“I give you a very good example. Look at the case of Danjuma Goje, former Gombe State governor. He has no reason to be in court. He is one of the best Governors that this country has ever produced. When his state was collecting the lowest allocation in the country, he built roads, built an airport, built a university. He did so many wonderful things in that state. Can you compare Gombe State with Zamfara State now? They were created at the same time. But the difference is clear because Goje transformed the state. But every day, you read on the pages of newspapers that Danjuma Goje is being taken to court. Why? You are supposed to judge people on the basis of their performance. There is no former Governor in this country that can claim he outperformed Danjuma Goje. He is an example of good governance in this country. And you have so many people that spent about 99 per cent of their allocations on frivolities walking freely in town”, he said.

Akpabio“Another good case is former Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godswill Akpabio. See how he transformed the state from where people from Lagos and other places used to hire house helps to where everyone is now either in school or is engaged in one productive thing or the other. The state now looks like Dubai in Nigeria.

“So, when you talk of anti-corruption, who are we fighting and how are we fighting it? Are we fighting it on the basis of our perceived enemies or you just look at somebody in the face and say this one is not in our party, let me deal with him? Do you just say, now that I’m in this office, let me just write something against my predecessor to keep him of public eye? “What they do today is pure vendetta. For instance, I find the charges against former Governor Goje very ridiculous.

“And being a Crime Reporter in Europe for about 17 years, I received awards as Best Crime Reporter in Europe between 2004 and 2006. So, when I see cases, I know which ones can fly and I know the ones lacking in merit. So, we should try as much as possible to save tax payers’ money for something better. We should not keep taking cases to court without proper scrutiny. That is why we don’t have conviction; because some of these cases are dead on arrival.”

Arisekola, who publishes The Street Journal, also opined that there should be a total change in the way the war against graft is being prosecuted. He said “there are different agencies that are involved in this fight. You have the police, EFCC and then ICPC. If we want to talk about anti-corruption, we have to take it one after the other. What are the functions of the ICPC? What are the functions of the EFCC? And what are the functions of the police? “I think out of the three, EFCC is the most prominent because we hear about them every day. We hear they charge this to court, charge that to court, everyday. But in my own opinion, we need to strengthen the EFCC.

“The President needs to stop the police from posting their officers to the EFCC. We have EFCC officers that are trained. They have been in existence now for over 10 years. So, they ought to, by now, have good hands to tackle corruption cases without involving the police or any other agency of government. It is causing confusion”, he said. Continuing, the Ibadan-born businessman said “everywhere in the world, if you go to Great Britain, they have their anti-laundering section. They do not go to the Navy, or any other section to get assistance. No. We have intelligent officers in the EFCC who the country has invested so much in. They should be allowed to lead the commission.

We must give them freedom to do their job. When you allow politicians to penetrate an agency of government, the result is what we’re getting today; because they will be using it as vendetta against one another.”

On the economy, he notes: “Nothing has improved when you talk about the economy because we do not have the people that can do the job in the respective positions. Look at the policies of the CBN. All their calculations are against the masses, and nothing works.

“They said do not put money in your account, which is what drove investors away. We have been living in this country all this while and we have never experienced this kind of problem before. What happened to the dollar we were spending in 2015? How did dollar disappear from this country? How can you give a single economy, a single currency three tiers? You have Central Bank rate at 305. You have CBD rate at 395 or 400. You have bureau de change rate, that one is unlimited. Where in the world do you have this kind of policy and you expect the economy to survive?”

Does he then support call for swap of Ministers or sack of the economic team? “I’m not canvassing for a swap. What I want is for the President to sack all of them. They are not helping the masses. They are not helping this country. When somebody fails in his appointment, it means he cannot to the job. The next thing is to remove him and put somebody who is for the job there.

“These people do not have the capability to do the job. Nigeria is not a trial and error country. Out of about 180 million people, why are you putting people who cannot do anything there? These are not the kind of people we want in Nigeria. The ‘change’ they are talking about is only being enjoyed among politicians, the masses are suffering”.

Though, the war on insurgency in the North eastern part of the country is said to have been largely won by the doggedness of this administration, Arisekola feels, it should be measured within certain perimeters. According to him, certain indices should be taken into consideration when eulogizing this regime on war on Boko Haram as against the last administration. For him, we should first ask ourselves whether this is the same conducive environment under which the Army operated then.

“I remember that when former President Goodluck Jonathan was in power, and Nigeria was looking for where to buy arms, the U.S., Britain, and France did not allow foreign countries to sell arms to Nigeria. They came under the excuse that Nigerian Army was violating human rights law in the way it was carrying out its attack on Boko Haram”, he noted.

However, he gave kudos to the Army, which in spite of non-availability of weapons still fought with their blood, which goes to show Nigerian Army has a lot of patriotic and dedicated soldiers, ready to lay down their lives to protect the nation.

“Now that the Western World has installed the President that they want, they changed everything. They have done what they want, they have given us opportunity to buy arms and we can see the performance of our Army. That is about being in the right place at the right time and having the right equipment to fight the enemy”, he says.

On the alleged diversion of money meant to purchase weapons by the last administration, he cautions that it could have been the more you look, the less you see. “Be careful; don’t believe everything you read on the pages of newspapers. Some of the things you hear are not true. Some of them are political statements by politicians. I am not making a case for them. I was not there and I do not know. But I know that there was a time they were looking for where to buy arms. I lived in the Republic of Ireland for 17 years, and you know that Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are not the same. I met good politicians on both sides. I was the first black journalist to interview their political leader, Gerard “Gerry” Adams, President of the Sinn Féin political party, and a Teachta Dála for Louth since the 2011 general election. I interacted with them and I learnt a lot about terrorism, and these always guide me whenever I am reporting anything on terrorism.

“Yes, there is corruption in Nigeria. People are stealing money. But do not write them off, some of them are loyal to this country. What happened then, former U.S. President Barack Obama, the Western World, did not want Nigeria to be successful in the terrorism war.

“There are some things you do not say in the open. I know all these. I have been interviewing people for ages. I have been interviewing World Leaders for ages. I know what is called diplomacy”

All the same, he wonders how Boko Haram manages to finance and sustain operations. Where does Boko Haram get their arms? Where do they get money to prosecute their war? Who is financing them? Where do they get money to feed over 200 girls? It is just like feeding a village. So, you understand all these. You need to understand diplomacy. You need to understand international politics, because we are quick to jump into conclusion. Once you read this headline you believe it hook, line and sinker. It is not like that.


Oyo Speaker, Debo Ogundoyin Fuels Guber Ambition Talks (begins consultation)




There are whispers around Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State regarding the ambition of the Speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly, Debo Ogundoyin to take over from the Governor, Seyi Makinde in 2027.


Those in the know claimed Debo, one of the sons of late socialites, Tina Ogundoyin is hinging his hopes in his cordial relationship with Governor Seyi Makinde and some other stakeholders in the State to achieve his ambition.


The Oyo Speaker, 36 is said to have began consultations towards this amidst his calculations of leveraging on his influence within the PDP and his hold on the Assembly.


Pundits had predicted a narrow chance for the young politician, putting down likely names of the Minister of Power, Bayo Adelabu and FIRS boss, Zaccheus Adedeji as better contenders in the APC than the youthful Speaker.

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Parrot Xtra Publisher Celebrates Hassan Fatungase At 60




 Publisher of Parrot Xtra Magazine/, Olayinka Agboola has sent out expressive greetings to his long-time friend and brother, Alhaji Hassan Taiwo Fatungase, former Bakers’ World, Ikeja, Lagos Director on the occasion of his 60th birthday anniversary.


In a statement  personally signed by Agboola, former Nigeria Coordinator for Ovation International Magazine described Alhaji Hassan Fatungase as the most selfless Nigerian he has ever encountered.

Agboola continued, “Hassan is not only selfless, he is intelligent, forward looking, hard-working, vibrant, resourceful, compassionate and above all, very God-fearing.”

The Ibadan-based media entrepreneur then went ahead to submit that the astute technocrat is a man who appreciates human beings and the value of friendship.

“Those who attended the University of Lagos with him in those days will attest to it that ‘Fatuu’, as he used to be called then would sacrifice anything to keep a working-relationship.


“Even when he joined one of the five-star hotels in Abuja in the early 90s, it did not take long before he was promoted to become the very first African to occupy a managerial position before he joined the Bakers’ World family business in Lagos. His records are still there till today.

Feats At Bakers’ World

“While running Bakers’ World located on Allen Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos, journalists, broadcasters, creative young Nigerians and others were encouraged by him. The records are also there for people to verify. There is almost no big name in the entertainment/media industry in Nigeria today that has not directly and/or indirectly benefitted from Hassan’s large-heartedness. As a matter of fact, he used to settle quarrels when differences and ‘head-on-collisions’ were reported to him!”

Agboola also went ahead to describe how the celebrant of the day has been faring since he became the chairman of Abimbola Awoliyi Estate, Oko-Oba in Lagos where he presently lives.

“Hassan is team-player and a man who keeps improving in good-naturedness even as a semi-retired bureaucrat. Residents of Awoniyi Estate will tell his story better. Since he became the chairman some three years ago, living standards have since improved.

“Together with other executive members, the Estate has been winning awards as one of the best in the whole of Lagos State. Solar lights, good roads, fibre-optic-source of internet, faultless security architecture and enhanced sociability…and other achievements have been recorded by the Fatungase-led team.”

Agboola, who was also a pioneer staff at Thisday Newspaper concluded “Dear friends and colleagues, please join me to pray for this quintessential lover of fairness and equity. May Allah continue to be with him, grant him sound health, more prosperity, divine protection and long life. May his wonderful family comprised of ‘Iyalaje’ Doyinsola and the children- Tomisin, Ahmed, Ibrahim and Idris continue to enjoy divine grace too. Happy birthday to our Director at Parrot Xtra Media Network, many happy returns of this day, September 26.”

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‘our silence is not an act of cowardice’ Olugbon Replies Obasanjo




-Ayotunde Ayanda
The Olugbon of Ile-Ogbon, Oba Francis Alao has reacted to the recent public ridicule where former President Olusegun Obasanjo ordered some Oyo monarchs to stand up.
Some people interpreted it as a reprisal of an attack from the Olugbon, Oba Francis Olusola Alao against the former President in a radio interview where the monarch condemned Chief Obasanjo for opposing the ambition of President Bola Tinubu.
Chief Obasanjo was unapologetic as he defended his actions claiming the monarchs disrespected the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde.
The Olugbon in  his response  called  it  an internal issue and hinted it will be addressed in the Oyo Council of  Obas next meeting.
Below is the message from the Olugbon’s palace…
The outburst of former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo against traditional rulers in attendance at the inauguration of the Iseyin Campus of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) on Friday September 15  has generated anger and varied responses from true sons and daughters of Oduduwa in all sections of the society.
First and foremost, I will like to emphasize that the inauguration ceremony was a huge success while the road and campus projects represent another milestone in the development strides of Governor Seyi Makinde who has been working hard to take Oyo State to the next level of development.
All the royal fathers involved understand the pain caused by the incident and appreciate the well-placed reactions.
I wish to state that the incident is an internal affair which will be properly reviewed at the next meeting of the Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs.
Let me assure all Yoruba, and other well-meaning Nigerians who have respect for the traditional institution, and who feel concerned about the incident that our silence since Friday is not an act of cowardice. When we sit down with the Governor, and hold our next meeting, we will review and respond appropriately.
Our Governor respects us, and traditional rulers in Oyo State also hold him in high esteem.
I, therefore, sue for calm over this issue.
We want everybody to apply decorum in line with the Omoluwabi ethos for which Yoruba are greatly respected. Ile Yoruba land shall remain peaceful. Our unity is sacrosanct. These ethos must reflect in our day-to-day activities.
Let it, however, be well noted that traditional rulers in Oyo State have no regret in supporting Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Governor Seyi Makinde in the last election, and will be willing to support them even in the future.
This is the clear position of monarchs in Oyo State. Any other information from anywhere that is contrary to this should be disregarded.
Oba Francis Olushola Alao
Olugbon of Orile-Igbon
Deputy Chairman,
Oyo State Council of Obas and Chiefs
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