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Oyo Anti-corruption Agency Commences Investigation into Petitions on Corruption

The Oyo State Anti-Corruption Agency (OYSACA) has disclosed that investigation has commenced into petitions sent to the agency by members of the public on corruption.
In a press release signed by the Chairman of the agency, Honorable Justice Eni Esan and made available to newsmen in Ibadan on Tuesday, the agency said it is poised to investigate all petitions and commence prosecution of the individuals involved at the end of the thorough probe.
She added that the activities of OYACA will plug holes in government purse and stop the act of mismanagement of office by public office holders and government workers.
Eni Esan however enjoined the general public to continue to forward their petitions to the agency in order to help the government find solution to the scourge of corruption in the society.
“The agency has already commenced investigation into cases of corruption and mismanagement of public assets and properties, this is in order to put a stop to corruptive tendencies in our society, especially among those saddled with the responsibility of holding public offices or serving the public at various offices.
“Due diligence will be done in our investigations and the next level after investigation will be prosecution of the individual or body found wanting for any fraudulent act or financial misconduct.
“We are using this opportunity to call on the members of the public to submit their petitions against any act of corruption or fraudulent act that can affect the workings of the government and indirectly, the welfare of the people of Oyo State.” she hinted.

How We Block Leakages And Save Resources With e-Governance -Seyi Makinde

-Tunde Ayanda

Governor ‘Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has revealed that the introduction of e-governance to the running of government in the state has contributed immensely to the on-going massive development and transformation in the state.

The governor stated this while addressing the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN’s) 50th Annual Accountants Conference in Abuja, with the theme: ‘Achieving Sustainable Leadership Through E-government in the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

According to the Chief Press Secretary, Mr Taiwo Adisa, in a statement on Thursday, April 8, 2021, the governor said that the openness and transparency, engendered by the introduction of e-governance initiative, has helped the government to fund infrastructure and ensure smooth and full payments of salaries and pensions as and when due.

Governor Makinde said further that his government had been able to block leakages and save massive resources.

The CPS’s statement also pointed out the governor’s remark that for the country to experience sustainable development, and not to be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution, it needs focused leadership, which would be able to harness its potential to “pick up and catch up with the rest of the world.”

The governor disclosed that when the government realised that the state had limited resources for all the things needed to be done, and there were many loopholes through which resources were siphoned, it quickly took action to block those leakages by creating an E-governance Plan.

He noted that the plan entailed digitising all government processes and services, in order to raise the coverage and quality of information and services being provided to the general public.

Governor Makinde however pointed out that a lot of people misunderstood the period of laying a solid foundation for development, and tagged him an ‘audio governor.’

According to the governor, the introduction of the e-governance initiatives across different sectors, including budgeting, contracting, public procurement, job recruitment, land and housing, among others, had paid off for the state.

He said that apart from saving huge resources now being channeled to development, it had also made governance more efficient.

“You may wonder, what has been the result of our installing e-governance processes? In what way has e-governance benefited the people of Oyo State? Massive savings.

“Let me share one example: When we came in, we got consultants to look into the processes in our tertiary institutions and make things more transparent. We created a database of all staff and did identity management for them.

“We also put the prices of all items that a university needs for day-to-day running in a database. And so, when a requisition is made, the price has to tally with that in the database.

“In just one school, The Polytechnic Ibadan, we got a savings of N1 billion by following this process.

“When people ask: where is the Oyo State government getting money to pay salaries when other states are struggling to pay percentages? Is he borrowing money to fund recurrent expenditure?

“The answer lies in openness and transparency with which we have approached leadership and governance, especially with the use of technology.

“I have heard people say that Oyo State has been turned into a massive construction site. We are building a state that everyone should be proud of. And technology is playing a huge role in our work.

“We know that the foundation is very important. When the pioneers of the first industrial revolution started work in the 1750s, they could not have imagined how their work would be built on.

“Two hundred and seventy years down the line, we are talking about a fourth revolution. This is what focused governance entails – looking beyond one’s tenure in government.

“What I have learnt so far in Oyo State is that e-governance is possible. The transparency and openness it offers is desirable. But there are challenges. Aside from the initial cost of building the infrastructure which might appear restrictive if a leader is not looking at the bigger picture, there is also the loss of political capital that comes with it.

“And I must say, the latter is a bigger; the reason why governance in Nigeria has remained in an analogue state.

“Recently, Oyo State has been in the news. The perception that has been created in some circles is that the state is insecure. Some people have even gone to town with claims of cannibalism.

“But when you dig deeper, you will find that sponsors of these messages are people who no longer have access to the state’s coffers. They are people who believe that it will be business as usual.

“These days, you see them gathering to talk about how their political age confers on them some superior level of thinking, or how they will be taking over in 2023.”

The governor admonished that for individuals thinking of making changes in governance in the country, they must be ready to embrace transparency and openness.

He said: “So, for any of you here thinking of making changes in governance in the next few years, you must think in terms of bringing the transparency and accountability that digitisation and setting up processes have given to the private sector into the public sector.

“This is how Nigeria can really benefit and become a leading voice in this fourth industrial revolution.”

Oyo To Have Legal Counsels At Police Command To Fast track Judicial Process(seeks police training for Amotekun)

-Isiaka Bello
Oyo State government has perfected plans to post lawyers from the State Ministry of Justice to the Oyo State Police Command to afford the police timely legal advice and ensure speedy judicial process.
This was made known on Monday, when the State Police Commissioner, Mrs Ngozi Onadeko paid a courtesy visit to Oyo State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Prof Oyelowo Oyewo (SAN) at the Board room of the Ministry.
The Attorney General in his opening remark welcomed the Commissioner of Police, said outside the herdsmen and related issues, Oyo State was relatively a peaceful State compared to some other States in the country and highlighted some of the areas that the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde has introduced reforms in the judicial sector.
Oyewo said among the areas of judicial reforms were the investigation and prosecution of crimes, which he said have some noticeable gaps as a result of the processes and procedures used or the personnel that are being used in the process who have no proper judicial background to deliver.
He explained that some proposals would be made available to the police hierarchy in the State from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to deal with the shortcomings, while a department would be created to bridge the gap between the police and the office of the DPP, while some legal officers would be stationed at the State Police Command to effect smooth judicial system among the police, the State prosecutors and the correctional authority.
“Some lawyers will be stationed in the State police command which will help in giving legal advice as well as legal intervention when necessary and also fast forward some of the delays they are having in some cases, this process will make the judicial process smooth and fast, for the benefit of the offender, the prosecutor, the police and the correctional institution,” he said.
The commissioner of Justice also talked about the unjust treatment of offenders and said a committee has been set up, which is made up of the judiciary, the police and the correctional unit of the Ministry, that will put an end to unjust detention which has been creating problems for the the correctional service, the police and the Ministry, adding that  the system in the offing would make Oyo State score another first in the area of justice delivery.
On the security architecture of the State, Prof. Oyelowo stated that the State’s Security Agency, also known as Amotekun is the key aspect of the complimentary input introduced by the present administration to combat insecurity in Oyo State, lamenting the fact that the police have not participated in the training of the officers of Amotekun for effective rural policing.
He said police is an institution with a long history of policing with well-trained personnel to pass on skills in policing to the Amotekun corps and urged for collaboration between Amotekun and the Police to make the State’s security architecture more effective.
In her response, the Commissioner of Police, Mrs Ngozi Onadeko said the visit was to seek for the cooperation and synergy of Oyo State Ministry of Justice and the Police Command to carry out their duties effectively and to instill speedy administration of Justice in the State.
She said the police force is the chief internal security operator in Oyo State and are ready to work with everybody including the Amotekun and Vigilante to achieve the same goal of making Oyo State Safe.
Ngozi explained that the three groups should know individual boundary and jurisdiction which required cooperation for success and that rivalry between the police and Amotekun was unhealthy and would not augur well for everyone.
“There is no issue between Amotekun and Police, Amotekun is helping the police to discharge its duties, rivalry between Amotekun and the Police is unhealthy, but I want to advise the Amotekun corps to hand over suspects to appropriate quarter which is the police, we also urge the people of Oyo State to live together in peace and love irrespective of where they come from,” she solicited.

‘No One Asked Us To Demand Accumulated Emoluments’, Lautech Workers To Makinde

The Non Academic Staff Union of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso has said the recent demand for payment of its members’ unpaid salaries and allowances was not instigated by the management of the institution.

This was made known in a press statement signed by the chairman of the Joint Action Committee of the non-teaching staff, Alex Alesinloye Muraina and made available to journalists on Saturday in Ogbomoso, Oyo State.

Reacting to Governor Seyi Makinde’s statement  on radio phone-in programme on Oluyole 98.5 FM on Saturday morning, alleging that the Vice-Chancellor is behind workers’ demand for their accumulated allowances, the committee stated that workers don’t need anyone to push them to ask for their emoluments.
The statement read in part, “We are compelled to react to the radio phone-in programme of His Excellency Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State this morning on 98.5 FM, particularly as it affects the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, and the demand by the Joint Action Committee of the non-teaching staff, for accumulated unpaid salaries and allowances dating back to 2012.
“With all sense of responsibility, we are aware of the various efforts of our amiable Governor to put LAUTECH on the global map through his generosity.
“We are also aware that some mischievous individuals are working assiduously to ensure that the Governor is enlisted in moves to unjustly punish some individuals.
In an apparent satisfaction with the running of the institution by the management as currently constituted, JAC noted that the current vice chancellor is the first to be appointed from within the University community since LAUTECH’s establishment over three decades ago.
It therefore added that the allegation that certain  members of the institution’s management are instigating workers’ union to demand for their allowances is a ‘flagrant distortion of truth”
“This is the first time in the over 30 years existence of the University, that an insider will be Vice-Chancellor and we have never had it this good.
“That some members of Management of the Institution have been instigating workers’ unions to ask for payment of their emoluments is a flagrant distortion of fact, because all workers are aware of what is being owed them and do not need to be reminded to ask for their wages.
“The agitation, especially  for unpaid salaries has been on since 2016, when the present crop of leaders of LAUTECH were at best lecturers and administrators, holding no special position.
“We have continually made representations to succeeding administrations in the two owner states before recently when Oyo became the sole owner.
“We have also made representations to the present Governor of Oyo State not fewer than three times before the last one, so it is wrong to say that demands are being made now because Oyo owns LAUTECH.
“For the avoidance of doubts, LAUTECH non-teaching staff are being owed 8 months salaries, 13 months cooperative deductions, promotion arrears, earned allowances for years among other things”, the statement explained.
Mr Muraina who is also the chairman of the university’s Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities said workers have nothing to gain in fighting a “friendly” governor.
He therefore appealed to Governor Makinde to do everything within his power to facilitate payment of workers’ accumulated allowances, adding the situation has led to untimely death of some members while some of them are dying.
“Rather than engage the Governor who has proved to be our friend and benefactor in a squabble and become ingrates, we want to appeal to him to see the need to facilitate payment of all outstanding emoluments, considering that a number of our people have died due to their inability to cater for their health, more are still dying.
“We want to assure the Governor of our sincere hundred percent loyalty and support to his government.
“We want to plead with him to jettison whatever anyone may be telling him in order to put a wedge between Management of LAUTECH and his government.
“The leadership of the workers’ Union in LAUTECH, the only Institution in the State where payment of minimum wage has not commenced, is hereby reiterating that the present crop of Management is the best in our over 30 years history and that we thank Governor Makinde for undertaking not to tamper with the present structure, for now”, the statement concluded.

‘Why I joined PDP’ – Oyo Politician, Hon. Opeyemi Fatola

A chieftain of the Accord political party in Oyo State, Hon. Opeyemi Fatola has disclosed how his decision to join the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was influenced by the excellent performance of the Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde.
Fatola disclosed this during an official declaration ceremony  at the PDP Local Government (Ibadan South West) meeting held on Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 at the UMC School, Molete, Ibadan.
While addressing party members and his followers, he said that his objective is to support Governor Seyi Makinde to consolidate on his achievements and ensure PDP remains in power beyond 2023.
Hon. Fatola, who was received by the state and local government executive of PDP  led by Chief Kunmi Mustapha, stated that the leadership approach of Governor Makinde has changed the political narrative in Oyo State.
He added that the Governor’s approach towards the fight against coronavirus and ENDSARS protest in Oyo State deserve commendation.
According to the real estate consultant, “it is all about supporting the vision of Governor Seyi Makinde, I love what he is doing and that is one thing that informed my decision to join the party. I saw a new PDP, I saw young generation of politicians, I saw a young man in power, look at the two crises that almost engulfed the whole world, the coronavirus and the ENDSARS, he is the only governor that managed them well.”
The former Accord member condemned President Muhammadu Buhari’s APC led government for subjecting Nigerians into poverty. He said people should be ready to tell the APC to shift in 2023 general elections .
“It is not about sentiment or proving a point to anyone, it is about self fulfilment, it is about service to humanity, PDP is the only true national party and it is the only party that represents my vision.
“We all know what APC change has brought us in Nigeria, from N87 to N175 that is the fuel price, from N175 to N470 that is exchange rate of dollar. That is change they had told us, but now, we are going to tell them to them in one voice that comes 2023 they are going to shift,” Hon. Fatola said.
Speaking about his ambition,  Fatola hinted that he is yet to decide on what the future holds for him politically, rather he is in PDP to give his backing to the administration of Governor Seyi Makinde.
“This is where destiny has placed me, this is where I believe I rightly belong. We are formally joining the party today, we are not telling anybody that we are contesting for anything, it is all about supporting the vision of Governor Seyi Makinde.” Hon. Fatola submitted.
Receiving the decampees on behalf of the chairman, PDP Public Relations Officer, Akeem Olatunji, said that there is no faction in the party, saying that Governor Seyi Makinde remains the leader both in the state and in the whole South West.
He charged all members to see themselves as one and fight for the common goal, which is to promote the party agenda
The Chairman described Hon. Fatola as a well known politician, which his addition will bring more development to the party.
Part of the highlights of the event was the presentation of gift to the wife of late Ibadan political warlord, Alhaja Bose Adedibu, in celebration of her new position as PDP Women Leader for South West geo-political zone.
In attendance were PDP Ibadan South West Chairman, Hon. Balogun Morufu, Chief Kikelomo Sogbesan (Mukeso), Hon. Wale Afolabi and Engr. Adebayo and many other party chieftains.

Gov Makinde Gives Ladoja’s Wife Brand New Cars

Wife of Ibadan top politician, Chief Rasheed Ladoja, Mutiat Olayinka is a happy woman at the moment.

The woman recently got the gift of two brand new cars from the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde.

Those in the know claimed the woman after a dispute with her husband, Chief Ladoja was surprised when the politician withdrew her driver and her personal car.

When the news got to Seyi Makinde, the Governor without consulting anyone ordered the delivery of a Land Cruiser jeep and a Lexus to her Iyaganku home.

A source who revealed this to papermacheonline  hinted that Seyi Makinde and Yinka Ladoja’s path crossed during the early days of his ambition when he frequents the Ladoja’s Ondo Street, Bodija, Ibadan home to seek his support to become the Governor.

Alhaja Yinka Ladoja was said to have took to Seyi the first time they met, and it was even claimed that Seyi’s ambition caused the rancour between the woman and her husband before she finally moved out of her matrimonial home to her own property at Iyaganku GRA, Ibadan.

Such was their closeness and  Governor Makinde doesn’t hide his respect for her as he calls her ‘mummy’ and treats her in a special way.

At her 65th birthday party at the Mauve 21 events centre on October 1st, the Governor was in attendance and thanked her profusely for her unflinching support.

Yinka Ladoja is regarded as one of the few people in Oyo State that has the ears of  Governor Makinde and this was quite evident on her 65th birthday.

The woman, a political influencer is known to have introduced her husband, Chief Rasheed Ladoja to politics before he became a Senator and later the Governor of Oyo State.


‘How I Turned Back People That Came For Sallah Visit’ -Oyo Commissioner, Wasiu Olatunbosun Shares Covid-19 Experience

Oyo State Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun has expressed fear that despite unrelenting campaign to sensitize the people on safety regulations against the Covid-19 pandemic, many still went about without fear of contracting the virus.
Olatubosun stated this while answering questions on his experience during his self-isolation period at his office on Wednesday afternoon, saying the State’s Covid-19 Task Force toured over 600 communities in the State to sensitize people about the dangers of the virus and how to avoid contacting it.
He said the task force thereafter embarked upon community testing, which revealed that most people in the rural communities did not heed the warnings and have been infected already, as the results from communities showed.
“You would not believe that while I was on self-isolation at home, some people still came to my house on Sallah day to celebrate with me, they did not fear at all, I had to send emissary to them on phone with gifts and asked them to go home, it was that bad.
“We preached the dangers of Covid-19 at all nooks and crannies of the State, we toured 600 rural communities like the holy prophets did, but our people did not heed the warning in time, which led to the outburst of the disease in rural areas at a point, but thank God the curve has slowed and we now have insignificant numbers coming from the rural areas.”
Dr Olatubosun said the State government has perfected what he called risk communication approach to fight people’s apathy to the danger inherent in getting infected with Corona virus.
He said the approach would consider communicating major consequences of not following Covid-19 safety protocols, which he said will entail the use of visuals, voices and graphics to showcase testimonial cases of people that earlier showed apathy and later contracted the disease.
On how he survived the virus and psychological effects of the 56 days self-isolation, the Commissioner said despite that he was asymptomatic of the virus and endured six tests before being certified to be negative.
He opined that although the world has not come out with a vaccine against the virus, the standard World Health Organization (WHO)’s medical recommendation for treatment was abiding, but for Nigerians, supplementing the orthodox medicine with local herbs helped him a lot to recover.
“I took 25 bottles of black seed oil, a bowl of black seed, a lot of alligator pepper and bitter-cola as well as different brands of herbal concoctions which I drank at interval and used for steaming after my normal drugs, but the utmost is prayer to overcome the trauma.”
Olatubosun praised Governor Seyi Makinde as a worthy war commander that never abandoned his soldiers no matter their conditions, adding that the governor would call him in the morning and in the evening everyday to know his condition throughout his self-isolation days.
He said the efforts of the State helped mitigate the spread of the pandemic and infection as the State had 95% recovery rate.