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Oyo Council Bosses Pay ‘victory visit’ To Ajimobi’s Wife

It was a gathering of song and thanksgiving yesterday, May 16, 2021 when APC erstwhile Local Government Chairmen in Oyo State paid a thank you and ‘victory visit’ to the wife of the late former Governor of Oyo State, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi, Florence at the politician’s Oluyole home in Ibadan.

The reason behind the visit is the 7th of May declaration by the Supreme Court overturning Governor Makinde’s sack of the Local Government chairmen and ruling that the Governor should pay all their salaries and allowance in full for the two years in which they were forced to leave office.

The APC council chiefs interpreted the judgment as a victory for their party and their late leader as they trooped to his house to pay his wife a courtesy visit and thank her for her support throughout the period.

Mrs Florence Ajimobi welcomed the council chiefs. The widow, clad in black attires made reference to her husband’s plans for the future of the people of Oyo State and broke into a song, danced and merried with the politicians.

One of the council bosses revealed to papermacheonline that the judgment was a relief and a pointer tot the fact that the APC in Oyo State is still relevant.

‘where do I start?’ Florence Ajimobi Pens Emotional Message

Barely 9 hours after her husband, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi was commited to mother earth in his Oluyole, Ibadan home, his wife, Florence penned an emotional message that caught the attention and invoked the pity of many.

In the message copied from her instagram page, the former First Lady of Oyo State wrote ‘…where do I start? how do I express the depth of this anguish? What do I say? Who do I tell…’she rants on endlessly and consolation messages trailed her post.

The pretty woman, half Lebanese/half Nigerian had earlier in the day had a mild confrontation with the Deputy Governor of Oyo State when he paid her a condolence visit and she alleged that the Government did not try to reach her during the trying period.

One of her aides confided in this writer that after the burial she was jolted and realised the grim reality of her husband’s passage and she wrote a prose and broke down in tears while she was being comforted by her children and friends.

It was her writing that was posted on social media.

‘you know she writes? since they left office she has busied herself in writings and book publishing. So tonight she wrote a piece and started crying while everyone around cried with her. It was so touching’. The aide said.

Florence Ajimobi and her husband, Abiola were married for 40 years. In her book which was published when she clocked 60, she narrated her experience, how she met her husband in Lagos, when they had their first child, the challenges of running a family, what she faced before fitting into the polygamous Ajimobi home, her trials, sorrows and triumphs in her 40 years of marrying her husband were all well documented in her book titled ‘My Life Like A Rainbow’.

Book Tour; FH Luxury Hosts Florence Ajimobi

Oyo State’s former First Lady, Mrs Florence Ajimobi is enjoying her moments and life out of the office she left barely five months ago.
The stylish woman is on a book tour, meeting and consulting with people as she tells her life story in a book she launched on her 60th birthday titled My Life Like A Rainbow. The book detailed her growing up, career, family and the 8 years she spent alongside her husband, Senator Abiola Ajimobi at the Agodi Government House, Ibadan.
The book tour this time around is slated for Lagos where the author is being hosted by her daughter, Bisola Kola-Daisi who owns the upscale fashion store, FH Luxury in Lekki, Lagos.
The strictly by invitation event which is designed to be a conversation with the author holds at the FH Luxury store.
According to the invite, the event promised to be extremely engaging and insightful.

‘It’s For Him’…’No! Its Madam’s’ Talks Decorate Ajimobi’s Newest Building In Ibadan

Oyo former Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi is constructing a talk of the town building, and the construction is generating a lot of interest.


The politician who lost in his bid to return to the Senate after serving 8 years as an executive Governor of Oyo State is linked with the two storey building located on the Ring Road axis of Ibadan, interestingly the new office of communications company, Globacom is also under construction in the same area.


Those in the know hinted that the building is a multimillion project started by the politician few months into his second term.


There are talks about town that the wife of the ex Governor, Mrs Florence Ajimobi owns the building which she plans to make the headquarters of her retail store, Grandex.


Presently the Grandex store has two different locations, one in Bodija and the other inside the Palms Mall on Ring Road, Ibadan.


A source corrected papermacheonline that the building actually belongs to the ex Governor, he furthermore disclosed that the Ajimobis plans is to have all their interests in Ibadan under the same building with plans to give a floor to Grandex, an office space to Ajimobi’s PR unit and the rest as offices.

Fall-out With Oyo First Lady, Aide Beaten To A Pulp Inside Governor’s House (she was attacked streets away, not within the premises -media aide)

In what looked like a payback for ‘disrespecting’ the Oyo State First Lady, Florence Ajimobi, one of her closest aide, Lape was recently beaten and stripped while on a visit to the Governor’s house.

Sources claimed the aide who was sacked from the First Lady’s team after she was alleged of backbiting and was ordered back to her primary job in the civil service was said to have been invited to the Governor’s personal home in Oluyole, Ibadan by the First Lady.

The reason for her invitation to the Governor’s home was for her to return some funds which was with her before her sudden demotion.

Oblivious of any circumstance, the aide whose husband is a Permanent Secretary in the State civil service walked into the Governor’s house where she encountered the First Lady. An argument ensued which attracted a lot of attention and the First Lady was alleged to have ordered her out of the house where she was thoroughly beaten, stripped and disgraced by people who were believed to be party thugs who were carrying out orchestrated errands for the First Lady.

An eye witness disclosed to papermacheonline that her attack looked well planned as she was attacked immediately she stepped out of the house with her assailants stripping her while taking her pictures with their mobile phones.

Those in the know claimed that Lape’s  attack was a warning signal for her as she was alleged to have confided in a colleague that she would reveal some information about the First Lady which she would not be happy with and to forestall such incident from happening came the public ridicule she suffered.

Papermacheonline called  one of the media representatives of the Oyo State First Lady, Yejide Gbenga-Ogundare who confirmed that Lape was attacked but it wasn’t within the compound of the Governor.

In her words ‘I heard she was attacked, but it wasn’t within the vicinity, she was attacked streets away. The First Lady knew nothing about the attack,  on that day she didn’t even see the First Lady. She was the one that knows the problem she had with the politicians who attacked her’.

This is a link to the story as reported some months ago by papermacheonline when the aide was sacked…



Ajimobi Sacks Wife’s Aides Over Election Gossips

Oyo State Governor, Senator Abiola Ajimobi in a rare display of anger has sacked two aides attached to his wife over an allegation tagged ‘backbiting’ which is considered to be bad for the image of whoever is working closely with the First Lady.

Papermacheonline gathered that the main act in the gossip drama is an aide of the Oyo State First Lady, Mrs Florence Ajimobi called Lape.

Lape is claimed to be the closest to the First Lady and enjoys all the perks that come with her high office in cash and in kind before the ugly incident that axed her from her high office.