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Slapping Saga; More Troubles For Senator Abiodun Olujinmi


The Senator representing Ekiti South Senatorial district, Mrs Abiodun Olujinmi is not new to controversies.

The one time Deputy-Governor to Governor Ayo Fayose Ekiti got entangled in another brouhaha recently when she caused a chaos in the National Assembly following allegations that she instructed her aide to slap and assault a member of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria.

The parliamentary staff’s undoing was ‘having the gut to ride in an elevator with Senator Olujinmi’, this irked her thus leading to her instruction for the man to be dealt with physically.

Eye witnesses claimed colleagues of the assaulted official were prevented by security operatives from attacking the Senator and they had reported the matter to the police, principals of the National Assembly and also encouraged the official to seek a lawyer to take up the case.

Back home, the constituency of the Senator who is presently at war with Governor Ayo Fayose are not taking the episode lightly.

Information gathered by Papermacheonline revealed that the State Governor, Ayo Fayose has capitalised on the lawmaker’s misdeed and has called the attention of party officials to it.

Some months ago, Olujinmi was accused of an attempt to physically attack the Ekiti State Deputy-Governor, Kolapo Olusola at a public function.

The Senator was claimed to have rushed the Deputy-Governor and made to grab his shirt before she was prevented by standers-by.

Her hatred for the Deputy-Governor was said to have stemmed by the decision of Governor Fayose to have endorsed the Deputy as his successor over Olujinmi who is also seeking to govern the State.

A source revealed to papermacheonline that ‘Olujinmi may be recalled, she has been fighting everyone lately and this is not too good for the image of the State’.

Gov Fayose’s Brother, Emmanuel In Auto Crash!


The household of the Ekiti State Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose had every cause to thank the Lord as one of the prominent members of the family, Emmanuel survived a ghastly car crash some days ago.

According to information sourced by Papermacheonline, the businessman was travelling from Abuja to Ekiti where his Governor-brother was being honoured with a chieftancy title by the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adeyemo Adejugbe when the tyre of the Prado jeep he was travelling in bursted on top speed and the car somersaulted.

The visibly shaken Emmanuel was dragged out of the car by other road users who witnessed the accident.

The young man was said to be in a good condition as he got out of the crash without any injury.

The news got to Governor Fayose through his aides and he was said to have immediately ordered a two-car convoy to go to the crash scene and fetch his brother.

The Ewi of Ado Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adeyemo Adejugbe, conferred chieftaincy titles on the governors of Ekiti and Gombe States, Mr Ayodele Fayose and Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo, respectively. Also honoured was the wife of Gombe Governor ,Hajia Ummi Adama Dankwambo and a member of House of Representatives , representing Remo Constituency in the House of Representatives and governorship.21078702_734688736737849_3977956874011350479_n

Brotherly Love: Gov Fayose ‘dashes’ Sibling, Isaac Hummer Jeep On Birthday


Contrary to public belief that the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose is at war with his siblings came a large surprise for one of them on his birthday.

The Governor’s sibling, Isaac who runs Anis Guards is claimed to be the closest to the Ekiti State Governor among his siblings.

All his facebook posts and twitter are used to air the positive works of his Governor brother.

So it came as no surprise when the Governor gave him a special gift for his birthday.

An insider detailed that ‘Excellency just called Isaac on his birthday and asked him to go to his house inside Iyaganku and take his Hummer jeep’.

An elated Isaac posted the picture of his old Hummer he claimed to have bought in 2008 with the new one given to him by his brother with an inscription ‘my truck 2008, my truck 2017…spot the difference’.16195082_1339962356026929_2109189727914632919_n

Man On Fire, Gov Fayose’s Associate, Biodun Agbele Flees! (insiders detail how he spent loot to revive nightclub business)


His claim to fame was an expose by a United States court in 1993 claiming the individual was a member of a powerful drug cartel that operated out of Chicago and Hammond, Indiana about two decades ago and since then nothing has been heard about him till recently when he was mentioned as the ‘middle man’ for Gov Ayo Fayose in a 4.6 billion naira allegation which the Governor is fighting tooth and nail to give a distance.

Agbele, according to those in the know had fallen on bad times. He was said to have become an object of mercy by friends he had helped in the past who came to his rescue whenever he was in need until his old pal, Governor Ayo Fayose decided to ‘help’ and made him a conduit pipe to receive the funds that later became the albatross for both of them.

People close to him divulged to papermacheonline that Agbele became an overnight millionaire as he received cash into his bank accounts on the instruction of Gov Fayose.

He was said to have boasted to his friends at a party that he was spending ‘owo PDP’ (PDP funds) which was later traced to embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

Months into his dalliance with Governor Fayose, Agbele was said to have had a lot to show for it, first was the revival of his ailing Platinum nightclub on Awolowo road, Ibadan which he renovated and equipped with modern gadgets and later his choice of cars, property acquisition followed by a show of affluence wherever he goes.

His Platinum nightclub which had for ages been in a state of coma was suddenly revived and became the delight of fun lovers who dumped their former hangouts to have the touch of the newest place in town.

The renovation of the Platinum club was one of Agbele’s biggest achievement as the hangout is the only business he knows.

People close to Mr Agbele had nice things to say about him, he is said to have been around for so long that he was said to have offered his jeep to a friend for his campaign in the 80’s, the election the friend won and later became a two-term Governor of Lagos State, thus was his generosity before he fell on bad times and had to keep a low profile before he was given a life-line again by the Ekiti State Governor.

Presently the man whose name has become the topic of a huge scandal is said to have absconded for fear of an arrest by the EFCC. His phones were permanently switched off while his house had also been put under locks. Mr Agbele was missing in all his usual fun places lending credence to reports that he has gone underground.

Papermacheonline reporters visited his hangout on Awolowo avenue, Bodija Ibadan on Wednesday, June 22, 2015 and discovered that the hangout still records its usual booming sales while the staffers of the club go about their normal duties under the prying gazes of a manager who consciously scanned any visitor to the club with suspicious gestures.

Litany Of Lies; How Gov Ayo Fayose Is Catching At Every Straw


Flailing and gasping, just like a sinking man is the best way to describe the recent actions of Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose as he embarks on a mudslinging tour to bring down as many people as possible.

The politician whose latest victim is financial institution, Zenith Bank which he dragged into his survival strategy with claims that the financial institution bankrolled his election has turned the laughing stock of the public who were still recovering from the shock of his allegation that the Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari was involved in a bribery scandal that earned a United States congressman, Williams Jefferson a long jail term.

Sources revealed Fayose’s tactics to discredit Zenith bank to collapse the allegations on his neck.

The governor and his handlers went to town some days ago to spread the news that Zenith Bank provided the financial muscle for Fayose during his elections.

Their mission was said to be simple ‘drag the bank into the crisis’.

The Governor named many sources by which he made money, laughable of the claims was that he made some money from selling souvenirs, a claim that was riddled with questioning by people who asked for the population of Ekiti State and how much the Governor made from the sales.

Since the news broke that his account with Zenith has being freezed, the Governor turned around and started making different allegations and claims on how the bank financed him, a claim the bank described as a ‘big lie!’.

Insiders Allege ‘Fayose imports 300 call-girls into Ekiti for his birthday’

Fayose 2

The criticism trailing the activities of the Ekiti State Government took a new angle recently with the revelation that the State Governor, Ayo Fayose is blowing away the fortunes of the State with an allegation from some quarters that he imported a large number of call-girls into Ekiti for his 55th birthday celebration recently.

The youthful Governor was said to have even boasted among his friends at the party saying ‘its only me that can arrange a party and each person will have nothing less than 3 babes’.

The girls numbering about 300 were said to have been invited from different institutions in the Southwestern part of the country.

The Governor was also alleged to have supervised the payment of 20,000 naira each the next morning as a parting gift to the girls for honouring his invitation.

Those in the know claimed that the Governor relies on the services of some boys in Ado-Ekiti who pimp for him.

Popular among the pimps are twin-brothers who are close to the Governor.

Sources revealed that the Ekiti Government house on Fridays is always bubbling with activities where the Governor will invite his closest friends to a private party till the wake of the next day.

The sources named Senator Kasham Buruji as an ally of Governor Fayose when it comes to the hosting of wild raves and women.

The Ijebu-born politician is claimed to be a regular in such activities and he was visibly present at the Governor’s 55th birthday in Afao-Ekiti where he was alleged to have exited the party with four girls.

Aftermath Of Assassination Attempt Wife Takes Over Ibadan Bizman, Gbenga James Poultry Company


Funmi, the pretty wife of Avian Specialties and Biological Concepts boss, Gbenga James has temporarily taken over the poultry company to fill in the spaces pending the time her husband would recover.

The Avian boss was a victim of an assassination attempt recently when a six-men gang stormed his Elewura, Ibadan office recently and shot him repeatedly.

Though the motive behind the attack was not immediately ascertained but it became clearer as the gunmen who thought they had killed him made some calls before leaving the spot.

A source hinted that Gbenga James was discovered in the pool of his blood by one of his staffers who alerted other people and he was ferried to the hospital.

The Avian boss was claimed to have undergone some major surgeries in an undisclosed hospital in Ibadan before he was discharged and kept under
medical observation at home.

Those in the know said his Iyaganku has been taken over by a group of private guards contracted to provide adequate security for him.

Gbenga James wife was said to have been instructed by her husband to take over the poultry business which needed daily supervision.

As at the time of filing this report some of the assailants that attacked the businessmen were said to have been arrested by the Special Anti Robbery Squad in Ibadan and were helping in the investigation.

Gbenga James is an Obafemi Awolowo University alumni who was arrested by the EFCC some years ago over a 800 million naira poultry project where he acted as Consultant to the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose.

Gbenga James was said to have been used as a witness by the EFCC to nail the Ekiti Governor who was then impeached and escaped out of the country to evade arrest.

People close to them claimed the EFCC drama created bad blood between the friends when the Governor labelled him ‘an ingrate’ and ‘betrayer’ when he learnt the role he played by revealing some documents used to implement charges against Fayose.

Gbenga James in his defence claimed he was forced to rat on his friend when he abandoned him in EFCC’s net while his business and family were suffering.

Sources claimed the latest attack was the second time Gbenga James would be attacked. The businessman was said to have been attacked at a supermarket in Jericho, Ibadan some years ago prompting his need to move around with armed security men.