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‘Our Plans For Liberty Stadium’ -Sports Minister, Sunday Dare

-Ayotunde Ayanda

The Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Mr Sunday Dare has hinted on what the Federal Government plans to do revive the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium Complex, Ibadan.


While speaking to journalists at the seminar for online media hosted by the Southwest Group of Online Publishers (SWEGOP) at the Ilaji Farms and Resorts, Akanran, Ibadan, the Minister claimed there is an effort to work on the stadium.


In his statement, Sunday Dare said ‘I may not be able to come there and speak on the plans because I don’t want to start receiving calls. The approach we want to adopt is what we are doing with the National Stadium, Lagos. We are trying to look for people that will partner with the government on that project. They will build, operate and return to the government after running it for 15 or 25 years. We achieved what we have done with the National Stadium with the partnership with Chief Kessington Adebutu and that should be ready in June.


Grandmum At 30! Heart Wrenching Stories Of Teen Mothers Inside Ibadan Slums

-Ayanda Ayotunde


Idayat Biobaku wakes up 5:30 am everyday, the single mother-of-four is a fish seller at the popular Oja-Oba market in Ibadan. She wakes up to keep a daily routine, a challenging life as she has three mouths to feed, clothe and shelter.

This writer has known the 30-year-old Secondary School ‘drop out’ since 2018. From the moment I step out from the car, she would run to me, shouting ‘customer’ and follows me round the market, helping me haggle with other market women who she tells ‘he is my baba-oko’ (an inlaw) before we return to her spot where I buy from her till we meet again.

On one occasion she was absent from the market, I made an enquiry and learnt she was sick and I felt it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check on her since I heard she lives some streets away from the market.

Idayat lives in a one-bedroom inside a dilapidated building around Beere. She was sitting outside feeding a baby when she spotted me and shouted ‘ah customer!’, and that was the beginning of a close relationship between us and the expose to an unusual way of living in the ‘interior’ parts of Ibadan.

Idayat became very open and ask me all the questions bothering her. I became her counsel in the area of relationship, health, finance etc. It was in the course of that I learnt she is already a grandmother, Idayat was just 30!

She is a single mother, she had three children for three different fathers, and the last child she takes with her to the market, is her grandchild, a baby named Ahmed.

Motherhood started early for Idayat. She had her first child, Anifa when she was 16 and in SS1. She dropped out of school and learnt tailoring. It was there she met a guy, Johnson who was a furniture maker. They had an affair that resulted in her having another child, a girl. Johnson, is described as a very loving man that stood by her and helped her fight her shame, unfortunately he was a victim of a gun fight between the police and the notorious ‘1 Million Boys’ some years ago in Ibadan. Johnson was killed and his family threw Idaya out claiming he wasn’t married to her and threatened to come back for his child when they have money for a DNA to determine the child’s paternity.

Idaya had a a third affair which she wasn’t willing to talk about, another child came out of that brief relationship and she ended up having four children to cater and carry about the responsibility of a 30-year-old single mum, and a grandmum at that!

She revealed she wasn’t the biological mother of the youngest child. She confessed her first child, Anifa made a similar mistake she made and got pregnant at 14 for a stranger, a man she only knew his phone number and not his address. She took the baby from her to cover the shame, Anifa now lives with a family member in Abeokuta where she is learning a trade.

Idayat story is one of the many tales surrounding teen marriages and teen pregnancy in different parts of Ibadan.

It’s not an unusual sight seeing pregnant, under-aged girls loitering markets and stalls in the city, it’s an alarming trend that moves from one generation to the other.

In 2015, an independent report claimed in Nigeria, an estimated 23 percent of women aged 15-19 years have begun childbearing, of which 17 percent have had their first child and 5 percent are pregnant with their first child. Also, 32 percent of teenagers in rural areas have begun childbearing, as opposed to 10 percent in the urban areas of Nigeria.

In 2018, the percentage in urban areas increased to 28, while no one can rightly put a figure to what it becomes in 2020.

Factors contributing to teenage pregnancy include: dowry payment, poverty, low educational status, poor quality, and access to, reproductive health services, peer pressure, tradition and culture.

Ayefele Thanks Ajimobi For Rebuilding Fresh FM

Popular musician and Chairman of foremost radio station-Fresh 105.9FM, Ibadan Dr. Yinka Ayefele, MON has showered encomiums on the Governor of Oyo State, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi for fulfilling his promise to rebuild the Music House.

In a statement personally signed by him and made available to journalists, Ayefele said the Governor has a choice to ask him to go and rebuild the Music House but he was magnanimous and compassionate to have promised to rebuild the Music House Complex. “It is not common to find government doing that, anything near that is to allow you to rebuild it yourself but here the Governor promised and he has fulfilled his promise”, said Ayefele in the release.

”Let me use this opportunity to register my heart-felt gratitude and sincere appreciation to my Governor, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi for his prompt positive response to our plight. It is not our right but the Governor only showed us mercy by offering to help us to rebuild the Music House. He, has, through this magnanimity help us to right our wrong and we’ll be eternally grateful to him.

“I was surprised to see some Engineers reportedly from the Governor’s office some weeks ago on the instruction of the state government to start work on the Music House. I had thought it would be the usual promise but our dear Governor proved us wrong and with this development he has demonstrated the qualities only found in true and exceptional leaders”, the statement added.

Recalled that Oyo State Government demolished some parts of the Music House Complex in the wee hours of Sunday, 19th August, 2018 after serving the management a three days demolition notice for allegedly contravening building plan.

story by Ayanda Ayotunde

‘Be disciplined’ Zenith Bank Boss, Amangbo Charges Golden Eaglet, Affirms Bank’s Commitment To Sports

The MD/CEO of Zenith Bank, Peter Amangbo, has charged the players of the country’s U-17 team, the Golden Eaglets, to be more disciplined as their talents alone cannot take them to the pinnacle of their career.

Amangbo made this appeal during the visit of the Golden Eaglets and the Nigeria Football Federation Executive board members led by its president, Amaju Pinnick, to the headquarters of the bank on Friday.

According to him, the future is bright for the boys but without discipline, hardwork and dedication to their work, it might be difficult for them to get to the top as he also adviced them to do away with some vices that might cut short their career.

“I am delighted to have everyone here and I wish to thank the NFF for the great job they have been doing in the past few years,” Amangbo said.

“Today (Friday) is not about the NFF but the footballers (Golden Eaglets). From this moment, they are now members of the Zenith Bank family as we have opened an account for them with a token as I really want them to imbibe the culture of saving so as to secure their future.

“You guys have a great future ahead of you but I will advice you to be disciplined, skills alone cannot take you there. You must always listen to your coaches, take your training seriously and also be hard working.

“I also want to advice you to avoid some substances like drugs, smoke, always stay focus, eat moderately so as not to get pot belly, drink moderately and also becareful of women because I cannot ask you to stay away from them.”

In his closing remark, he asked the players to take their education seriously as they are going to fall back on it after their career.

NFF President Pinnick stated that the federation was elated about the progress of the youthful footballers.

“We are always happy with Zenith Bank because the support was total from the beginning. We have also made progress with the youth team. Many of the U-17 players graduated from the Zenith U-15 team. We believe more successes will be recorded with this partnership,” Pinnick said.

written by Ayanda Ayotunde

Street Journal Publisher, Wole Arisekola In Happy Mood

Businessman and the publisher of online publication, Street Journal Magazine, Bowale Wole Arisekola is in a gay mood.

Wole who doubles as the Chairman of the Association of Online Media Practitioners is telling all those who care to listen a good news, his first child, Segilola had just graduated from the City University, London where she studied Law.

The proud father could not contain himself with the joy as he took friends and family members to witness the graduation ceremony in the United Kingdom where a  dinner later held at a high brow city restaurant.



written by -Ayanda Ayotunde

‘As A Child I used To Beat My Elder Brother’ -Femi Adebayo

in this interview with ayotunde ayanda Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo recounts his childhood memories and the role his father played in making him an actor…

You are a Special Assistant to the Governor of Kwara State on Arts and Tourism, how do you fuse your job as an actor with being a governor’s aide?

We cannot rule out the fact that they will affect each other. They are two different lines, but I see being an assistant to the governor as a call to serve my people . It is an opportunity to give back to the society. We never can rule out the fact that when we remember our days in the primary school, the best way to teach is entertainment.

So entertainers are seen as people closer to those at the grassroots. They tend to listen to you and that is like a drive for information to be passed to the people. So, I see my call as coming from the Almighty. Then secondly, for easy relationship between our people at the grassroot and the government, I give priority to that now.

So I can tell you that it’s like 75 per cent to 25 per cent. I give 75 per cent to my appointment and 25 per cent to the entertainment industry.

You were supposed to take a role in the film “Diamond Ring” and the role was eventually taken by Teju Babyface. When you look back, how do you feel losing the role?

I simply believe the role isn’t mine because it wasn’t as if I had gotten the script. When I was on the set of Owo Blow then, Uncle Tade (Ogidan) was impressed with my acting. So he told me the story of Diamond Ring and said he would want me to be part of it. Unfortunately, when they wanted to roll Diamond Ring, it was one of the times I was writing my Law exams. I could not make it and, of course, it could not wait. I never regretted that I did not play the role because I still believe I am achieving what I want to achieve, both in the entertainment industry and the other aspects of my life.