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‘Calling For A Yoruba Nation Is Funny’- Ebenezer Babatope

Former Minister of Transportation and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Ebenezer Babatope has described the agitation for the emergence of an independent Yoruba nation as laughable and extremist.
While dissociating himself from the ongoing struggle, the lawyer cum journalist said “I am not part of those calling for the emergence of an independent Yoruba nation, it is an extreme measure to call for that, it is an extreme measure which will not stand. We have passed that stage in Nigeria and anybody that thinks he can carry power on his head will destroy himself”.
He continued “what we should be fighting for is for a Nigeria that guarantees fairness and freedom of expression, where all tribes will have equal rights and opportunities.”
The PDP strongman equally stated that restructuring is the act of redefining true federalism in the country that can give equal rights, freedom to all tribes in the country while charging President Muhammadu Buhari to be fair to all tribes in the country and be above partisan politics in the country.
Chief Babatope revealed all these while featuring on a weekly radio show, Ayekooto on Radio’ anchored by Olayinka Agboola and broadcast live on Lagelu 96.7 FM, Felele, Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State on Tuesday evening.
Speaking on the current state of the nation, he said “nobody is happy with the situation of things in the country because things have gone really bad, elections have been so badly organized and there is apparent problem with our security and nobody is safe in the country”.
Babatope, who was interviewed live via the telephone equally charged Nigeria’s present crop of politicians to live above board and be accountable to those who voted them into power while warning election riggers in the nation to desist from the ignoble act as they will be reap the bad fruits of their actions.
“Nigeria politicians should ensure that they meet the aspirations of those who voted them into power. They should respect the wishes of Nigerians. Election riggers never end well. There are so many examples to confirm this.”
Ebino Topsy, as he used to be called by friend, however, charged President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure there is justice, equity in the governance of the country adding that he should not be unfair to any part of the geographical zones of the country.
He said, “Interestingly I and President Buhari are of the same age, generation. He is one month and some days older than myself. I will tell him to be fair to all tribes at all times.
Speaking on the lessons to be learnt from the June 12, 1993 presidential election annulment, he said “the importance of June 12 is that democracy is the best form of government that can give permanent peace to Nigeria and Nigerians. Tampering with democracy is tantamount to tampering with the principles behind June 12 struggle in Nigeria”.

Dapo Abiodun’s Aide, Bidemi Rufai Arrested For Multiple Scam In The US

Abidemi Rufai, aka ‘Sandy Tang,’ a senior special assistant to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State has been arrested in the United States over theft of over $350,000 unemployment benefits from the Washington Employment Security Department (ESD) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 42-year-old allegedly submitted dozens of unemployment claims using stolen identities between March and October 2020 to steal the fund.

Rufai was nabbed at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York while trying to escape to Nigeria and has been charged with wiring over $350,000 in unemployment benefits in the U.S.

Rufai had used a single Gmail account to file 102 claims for ESD benefits and also used it to file for benefits in 10 other states.

He had allegedly bypassed security systems at ESD using a simple feature of Gmail which allows users to create many additional email addresses simply by adding one or more periods to the original email address.

However, he was busted following a federal judge warrant to Gmail, allowing investigators to search his e-mail account.

A subsequent search of the mail revealed his Nigerian phone number which was linked to the account.

He had also used the same recovery phone number to apply for US Visa in  2019 while a Google Drive account associated with the Gmail account included the picture he used in the visa application and other government documents.

Investigators also discovered confirmation emails for products that listed his brother’s address in Jamaica, New York, as the billing address as well as a massive cache of tax returns and evidence that Rufai was allegedly involved in numerous other fraud schemes.

Records showed that he deposited $288,825 into his bank account and face up to 30 years in prison if found guilty.

“This is the first, but will not be the last, significant arrest in our ongoing investigation of ESD fraud,” said Tessa Gorman, acting U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, in a statement Monday.

Edo Crisis; ‘It’s Unfortunate That Senate Acts In Total Breach Of Court Order’ -Obaseki

The Edo State Government watched with alarm today as the distinguished Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a step that was not totally unexpected, purported to pass a resolution in the following terms: –

Directing the Governor of Edo State to issue a fresh proclamation for the inauguration of the Edo State House of Assembly.

Ordering a fresh inauguration of the Edo State House of Assembly within one (1) week from the date of the said Resolution.

As earlier mentioned, this move was not unexpected in the light of the enormous political pressure which had been brought to bear on the Officers and Members of the distinguished Senate by the highly placed and powerful persons who are intent on foisting their will and choices on the good people of Edo State.

This is borne out by the record statements made by one Seid Oshiomhole (a Member-elect and younger brother of the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress Comrade Adams Oshiomhole) wherein he boasted that both the Senate President Senator Ahmed Lawan and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila have been instructed on what to do in this matter.

The Government of Edo State wishes to observe that the Chairman and Members of Ad-Hoc Committee of the Senate which visited Edo State were made of the existence of at least three (3) suits pending before various Courts wherein the factual and legal dispute regarding the Edo State House of Assembly inauguration have been submitted to the Courts by both contending parties for resolution.

The Ad- Hoc Committee also failed to inform the senate of the existence of a valid injunction in Suit NO FHC/B/OS/70/2019 wherein the Federal High Court restrained various parties from interfering in any manner with the activities of the Edo State House of Assembly which said order had been brought to their attention in the course of their visit to Edo State.

In point of fact in Suit NO, FHC/PH/CS/159/2019 the National Assembly, the Clerk of National Assembly, the President of the Senate and Speaker of House of Representatives amongst others were specifically ordered by the Federal High Court to maintain the Status Quo as at 25th July, 2019.

The Edo state government is further aware that in suit No.
FHC/ABJ/CS/815/2019, wherein the Clerk and the National Assembly are defendants before the Federal High Court in Abuja, the National Assembly and the Clerk have not only been duly served with the processes but have entered appearances in the matter.

It is unfortunate that the distinguished senate would act in flagrant breach of these various court orders and purport to come to come to factual and legal conclusions concerning a matter in which the parties are already before the courts and therefore subjudice.

We are also concerned that the Members of the Distinguished senate appear to have very scent regards for the principle of separation of powers as enshrined in our constitution which is manifested by their taking over the functions of the judiciary in dispute resolution and giving directives to a Government of a state who is certainly not subject to the supervision of the National Assembly.

It must be further observed that it has always been the contention of the Edo state Government that the power to issue a proclamation for the Inauguration of a House of Assembly as set out in Section 105(3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was duly and completely complied with and it is not within the power of the Governor to recall same once issued or to perform the same act multiple times. Once the Governor issues a proclamation letter, his job is done.

It is the duty of the Clerk of the House of Assembly to inaugurate the House of Assembly and he has since performed that task. He has further approached a Court of law to seek a validation of his actions. The pronouncements of the Distinguished Senate on the subject (with respect) is clearly misconceived and would amount to interference in the role of the Courts which may in fact constitute contempt with which the Governor would not wish to be associated.

The government of Edo State firmly believes that our State is not a colony or a vassal of any person or persons exercising power in Abuja and we shall take all necessary steps within the ambit of the law to defend and validate our position and actions on this matter.

We call on all persons of goodwill to call the powerful wielders of ‘power and authority” in Abuja and elsewhere to refrain from acts which are clearly unconstitutional, undemocratic and a flagrant disrespect for the principle of due process and separation of powers.

These powerful persons should not be allowed to set our state ablaze merely to satisfy their thirst for power and control.

As we have always maintained on this subject: THIS ILLEGALITY WILL NOT STAND!!!

Osarodion Ogie,Esq.
Secretary to the Government of Edo State.

Ekpenyong’s Witnesses Dr Nwabu, Others Caught in Web of Lies At Akwa In North West Tribunal

One Dr. Gabriel Nwabu, Director General of the Centre for Credible Leadership and Citizen Awareness, who testified for Chris Ekpenyong in the ongoing National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Uyo, Akwa State, was Tuesday caught in the web of his lies.

He had told the tribunal that there was no accreditation or election in the five polling units he visited during the presidential and national assembly elections on February 23, 2019.

He said intimidation, threat and outright assault were meted out to him and his team by party thugs at collation centre for Essien Udim Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom North West. And had written a report to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to that effect.

He claimed that no election took place in the polling units in the local government he visited but cluster of people who were discussing in groups.

He was led in evidence by Uche Njoku, the first respondent’s (Ekpenyong) counsel.

Senator Godswill Akpabio, the candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC) in the election, is challenging the declaration of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Ekpenyong as winner of the Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial District election.

However, when cross examined by S. Ameh, counsel to Akpabio, Nwabu changed gear when asked to point out where he mentioned in his report of the units he visited.

He said he made a general statement of about 11 units as against earlier 4 to 5 he mentioned.

When asked to mention some of the units, he said he can’t remember.

Questioned on why he would write a report dated March 15 but received by INEC on April 16, he has no explanation to that.

Again, in his letter of accreditation as election observer, which was admitted in evidence, he was supposed to turn in report before April 5, but was submitted on April 16. He said he was not to blame, rather the postponement of the election.

When shown newspaper advertisement by Akwa Ibom state government which thanked the people of the state for a free and fair election, and INEC report which also declared the election in the state as one of the best ever conducted, he said he was not the maker of the documents.

When asked if he would be surprised to watch himself in a video recording performing his work as an observer on election day in those polling units he said there was no election. He replied , ‘No, he won’t be surpised’ but has to be subjected to forensic analysis.

When asked if the card reader was a means of accreditation, he said it was a means to only authenticate ownership of the permanent voter card (PVC) and not accreditation.

The last witnesses for the first respondent, Bassey Ufot, said he is with Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) but served as Supervising Presiding Office for Ikpe Anang Ward collation centre.

He claimed that election materials, both sensitive and non sensitive, were carted away and he was kidnapped by hoodlums.

When told to identify the report he wrote by the respondent’s counsel, he retorted “I wrote two reports but I’m seeing three here”

In a damage control, INEC counsel, Ifeoluwa Ojediran asked why the two reports. He said when he was freed from the grips of the hoodlums, he was taken to INEC office where he wrote the first but later in the night he was made to write another when they could not lay hand on the first but unable to explain why the two were in court as exhibits.

When shown election materials used for voting that day and asked if they were original, he said he would not know.

The first respondent formally closed his case after 14 witnesses.

The tribunal adjourned till Saturday, July 20, for the second respondent, the PDP to open its case.

Party Members Mob Akpabio At Tribunal

Former majority leader in the Senate, Senator Godswill Akpabio, was recently held ‘hostage’ at the court premises last Tuesday by his admirers who had earlier trooped the venue of the tribunal in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

Akpabio is challenging the declaration of Chris Ekpenyong of the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP,) as the winner of the February 23, 2019, Akwa Ibom North-West senatorial district election in the state. The candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC) in the election, Sen. Akpabio, is contesting the result of election, which he has accused the Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC,) and its Resident Electoral Commissioner, (REC), in the state, Mike Igini, of manipulating the outcome of his last senatorial election results to favour his major opponent, Chris Ekpeyong.Chris Ekpenyong, PDP, INEC, and Mike Igini are the respondents in the petition.

The mammoth crowd that witnessed his evidence-in-chief, on Tuesday, responded with shouts of victory at every answer to his cross-examiner. At a point, he could not go outside the courtroom, for fear of being mobbed by the crowd made up of mainly youth, men and women.

APC Writes Attorney-General On Attempts By PDP, INEC To Perpetrate Electoral Fraud In Akwa Ibom

The Attorney General of the Federation
Federal Ministry of Justice
FCT, Abuja.


Attempt to Perpetuate Electoral Fraud in Akwa Ibom State

We want to place on record and bring to your attention the very obvious and noticeable attempt by the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Mike Igini, in collusion with agents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Akwa Ibom State Government to perpetuate electoral fraud by destroying electoral materials needed to substantiate the election petitions of candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Akwa Ibom State.

We observe with deep regrets that since Mr. Mike Igini superintended over the worst general elections ever conducted in Akwa Ibom State, that was fraught with manifest irregularities and wide spread electoral infractions, the REC is now unveiling a grand scheme to thwart and create a chaotic environment to pave way for the pervasion of justice.

We have been reliably informed that the REC is now intimidating electoral officers who participated in the just concluded general elections in the State, particularly, Collation Officers, Supervisory Presiding Officers (SPOs), Presiding Officers (POs) and Assistant Presiding Officers (APOs), handing over their phone numbers to hired assassins and PDP killer squad to forcefully coerce them to concoct and fabricate false reports of violence, ballot paper snatching, all in a bid to justify the clandestine activities of Mr. Mike Igini days after the purported declaration of results, seeing that unit results will expressly show that candidates of the All Progressives Congress clearly won the elections by the votes directly delivered at the polling units across the state.

This latest action by the leadership of INEC in Akwa Ibom State has vindicated our stand expressed in various foras before the general elections that Mr. Mike Igini is a biased umpire, heavily compromised by the Akwa Ibom State Government to truncate the smooth conduct of a free and fair elections. We therefore reiterate in unambiguous terms, that INEC under Mr. Mike Igini cannot guarantee credibility and the ethos of fair play as demonstrated with this plot hatched to frustrate the electoral process.

Consequent to these, we hereby demand as follows:

1. The immediate relocation of the elections tribunal to the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to forestall breakdown of law and order that this show of impunity might incite if not forestalled.

2. That we reiterate our call for the immediate redeployment of Mr. Mike Igini to pave way for a level-playing field for all parties that partook in the elections.

3. that any report that originates from any electoral officer in Akwa Ibom State remains an afterthought and should be completely disregarded forthwith.

4. That we call on security agencies to provide adequate security to all ad-hoc staffs of INEC in the state and properly investigate and bring to book, thugs paid by the PDP to intimidate or coerce non-yielding election officials.

5. We urge international agencies to pay particular interest to the continuing efforts of Mr. Mike Igini to perpetuate electoral fraud in Akwa Ibom State.

We have taken time to chronicle the unfolding complicity of Mr. Mike Igini in collaboration with the State Government and PDP to rob our party of our impending victory at the tribunal.

Please accept the assurances of our highest regards.

Obong Ini Okopido
APC State Chairman


HE The President
Federal Republic of Nigeria

The National Security Adviser

National Chairman
All Progressives Congress

The Chairman
Independent National Electoral Commission

The Inspector General of Police

DG, Department of State Security Service

DG, National Intelligence Agency

Classic Betrayal! How Akala Was Paid N50M To Rejoin APC

The lid has finally blown open. Papermacheonline can authoritatively disclose that the ex Governor of Oyo Sate, Otunba Bayo Alao-Akala was actually paid, among many other conditions to rejoin the APC, the party he left when he couldn’t get the governorship ticket.

The Ogbomoso born politician reportedly received a meagre sum of 50 Million naira to change his mind and support the APC candidate, Bayo Adelabu.

The money was given to him by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu with a promise of ‘more to come’ if he could deliver the three Local government areas under his control to the party.

Akala, the candidate of the ADP became an instant joker after the results of the presidential elections came out, the ex-Governor delivered the whole three Local government in Ogbomoso to the PDP and he became the toast of all the parties before he was finally wooed by the APC and he conceded.

Part of the conditions listed to get reabsorbed into the APC by Akala is for the reinstatement of his son, Lamiju who was sacked by Governor Abiola Ajimobi for anti-party activities, his wish was immediately granted and he listed many other conditions.

A bewildered congress of the PDP, ZLP who were counting on a robust relationship with Akala to defeat the APC were quick to show their disappointment in Akala’s move.

Akala in a meeting with his followers described and boasted how important he was to the APC that he was ferried to Abuja in a private jet where he met the President, Vice President, Tinubu and Adams Oshiomole.

In a fifteen minutes video recorded by one of his aides, the politician justified his reasons for backing out of the coalition plan with Ladoja, Seyi Makinde and some others as he blamed Senator Ladoja for saying ‘it is only an Ibadan man that can battle Bayo Adelabu’, as he furthermore stated his plans to ensure he supports Adelabu to win the election.

What many believed was part of his plot to work for Adelabu played out on the 6th of March, 2019, some days to the elections when the PDP flagbearer, Seyi Makinde visited Ogbomoso to campaign and also hold a radio interview.

In a detailed statement sent to Papermacheonline, the media aide of Seyi makinde, Dotun Oyelade disclosed that they had already paid for an hour for the interview session at the Parrot FM, a radio station owned by Akala, they got there and were surprised when they were told the station could not host the PDP candidate.

Makinde barred his mind as he disclosed his disappointment in Akala, stating his fears from preventing him to grant the interview because he wanted to reveal the real reasons the ex Governor rejoined the APC.