Security Or Luxury? Osun Governor Buys N170M Bullet Proof Jeep

The good people of Osun State deserve a Governor that is safe and feel secured wherever he is, that is why the new man handling the affairs of the State of the Living Spring shelled out 170 million naira to acquire, a befitting, bullet proof jeep as his official car.

The car, a Toyota Lexus was contracted to a Lagos auto dealer and was delivered within days to the Osun State Government House and placed under the care of the Chief Driver to the Governor.

Governor Oyetola who was once revealed to be richer than the State, a statement made during the campaigns by his uncle, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has began living the life and enjoying the perks of office.

The acquisition had sparked off criticism from the PDP who felt bad and criticised the Governor living large in a land pf penury. The PDP felt the money paid for the purchase of the vehicle would have served some better purpose in the State, but the Governor felt otherwise as he rides on his favourite toy.