Real Reasons Lekan Alabi Shelves 70th Birthday Celebration

Oloye Lekan Alabi is the Ekefa-Olubadan, the 6th in-line to the Olubadan of Ibadanland throne.

The gentleman who served as Press Secretary to four different Governors in Oyo State clocked 70 recently, precisely on the 28th of October but was unable to celebrate his big day for certain reasons.

Alabi who had planned flying his friends to four different continents across the world to celebrate his promotion into the septuageanarian club could not do so with the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

His plans to also had a big 70th birthday in Ibadan was underway, the socialite had already paid for the venue but as fate would have it, the party could not hold.

A week before the event, the endsars protest rocked the country and the celebrant had to call off all sort of ceremonies he had earlier planned to celebrate his 70th birthday.

In a long message he sent to his friends, he cited his reasons stating ‘…it will be so unfair,at a time the youth are fighting to re shape the country and claim their rights for me to celebrate. I remembered when I was 17, I wrote a protest letter to the Head of State to correct some ills in the society. I sympathise with the youth, the wounded and the dead and therefore cancel all form of celebration regarding my birthday’.