Protest Trails Closure Of Lagos Plaza By Tinubu’s Daughter (traders allege ‘she locked us out because we didn’t dance to welcome her’)

Talk of absolute power that corrupts absolutely! The Iyaloja-General of Lagos and daughter of APC stalwart, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Sade Ojo is having a running battle with the traders that occupy the Mosalasi Shopping Plaza in Lagos.

The Iyaloja-General whose word is the law in Lagos as long as  it concerns commerce, trade and other business ordered the closure of the shopping plaza some days ago for unknown reasons.

One of the occupants of the plaza who spoke with papermacheonline and gave her name as Alhaja Oniyangi disclosed that the reason the young woman closed their business was simply given that they failed to dance and welcome her when she paid a visit to the plaza while on one of her many familiarisation tours.

Alhaja Oniyangi stated they were actually unaware that she was coming and that many of the traders were busy with their business and not all could leave their shops to dance and welcome the Iyaloja-General.

It was also disclosed that efforts had been made to plead with the Iyaloja for forgiveness, but that she shut the people out whenever they visited her house to address their concerns.

The plaza is claimed to have come under lock for five days with no indication of its reopening while the traders groan under what they tagged an unnecessary act of the powerful.