Nowhere To Run! Babangida’s Lackey, Francis Ogboro ‘appears’ In Magu’s Confession

In an unfolding episode concerning the epic anti corruption case against the acting EFCC Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, top polo buff and one of the closest aides of former military President, General Ibrahim Babangida, Francis Ogboro’s name is said to have appeared in some allegations.

A source hinted papermacheonline that Ogboro is Magu’s ‘man-Friday’ that breaks the deal between the embattled EFCC boss and culprits under investigations.

Ogboro who was a former Captain of the Nigerian Polo Federation played his role perfectly as he  brokers peace and represents Magu.

Investigators were said to have linked a number saved with ‘peace maker’ on Magu’s phone to Ogboro.

The various meetings were said to have held in his Victoria Island, Lagos office.

He is also the one assumed to be in the position of selling off properties seized by the commission.

Ogboro was said to have made a fortune within the years he acted the role for the EFCC boss.

In Abuja and Lagos, businessmen and government officials under investigations usually run to Ogboro for protection in exchange of gift and cash and no one pays attention to him judging from his simplicity and private life.

Francis, who is said to be from the East grew up in Kaduna, and it was there he met the Northern elites and former President Babangida.

He was known as one of the many ‘IBB Boys’ during the days of President Ibrahim Babangida in office.

The source revealed the investigators are bringing under their radar the likes of Ogboro, Kwarbai, Ghali, Ewela and one Bashir who were said to be cronies of the fallen EFCC acting Chairman.