Mystery Partner Behind Ahmed Uhwubetini’s New Club Unveiled ( the NTDC Boss, Folly Coker’s connection)

Ahmed Uhwubetini some weeks ago came back with a bang! The popular boss of defunct Lagos hangout, 11;45 now runs a new nightclub, Casa 45…Papermacheonline can authoritatively reveal that Ahmed does not own the club 100 percent.

Uhwubetini who is battling to clear himself off a shoplifting arrest rumour in the United States where he ran to when his nightclub business went bad has a mystery partner that prefers to operate in the background.

Infact the ownership of the Casa 45 hangout at Ozumba Mbadiwe street, Victoria Island, Lagos is on 70/30, Ahmed holds the 30 while the mystery party owns the remaining 70.

An insider hinted papermacheonline that the NTDC boss, Folorunso Coker is the mystery partner.

Folly, a top politician in Lagos and one of the closest aides of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is the owner of Browns Cafe.

Those in the know claimed this is not the first time Folly would invest in nightclub business. He was the owner of the La Casa nightclub in Lagos many years ago.

Later he merged with Ogun Politician, Kasham Buruji to run another club before they both fell apart.

The source revealed that the Casa 45 NIGHTCLUB is a mixture of Folly’s business name, Casa and Ahmed Uhwubetini’s ’45’.

The Casa 45 opened to business on Easter Monday with a gig attended by the regular club patrons in Lagos.

The question many are asking is how long it would take Folly Coker and Ahmed Uhwubetini to run their club successfully, and how holy is this new alliance?