My Peak Wazobia Experience – Mrs. Omolade Ibidayo

The ‘mother art’, is a love best described as architecture. Without such architecture, most children cannot have a soul of their own. The above saying well narrates the healing power of mother and the love to a child. Mother’s love, an unending sincere affection though not seen but lavishly shown cannot be over-emphasized and enough when displayed.

For some, they have tried endlessly before conceiving, then the stage of sickness that looks incurable in the first trimester of pregnancy, moving over to sleepless night in pregnancy due irregular and uncomfortable sleeping position. Not to talk of the child delivery proper which is always one leg in and a leg out of life existence: celebrating ones mother every day is not enough to show the gratitude for all the pains she has been through. The rigor of taking care of kids at the tender stage will definitely make every human appreciates what his or her mother went through.

Omolade, a middle age woman who lives in the western part of Nigeria, Ijero Ekiti, Ekiti State, derives so much joy from taking good care of her childrennot minding all the details and task involved. As growing kids, their breakfast is always a combination of cereals and milk. “My kids’ want me to addmilk to all their cerealmeals especially their breakfast. Having regular supply of milk became a necessity. Either custard or cornflakes, milk must be lavishly added to it if you want the children to enjoy and finish their food, and they always insisted they still have milk in their bags to school. The kids enjoyed the liquid milk in can more thanthe powdered milk. While this was no problem at home, it was a challenge when it comes to milk in their lunch boxes.

The introduction of Peak Wazobia has made it easier to economically meet the needs of the family by having easy to carry sachets which are also very pocket friendly. Mrs. Ibidayo’s children can now enjoy theirfavoritePeak milkoutside the home at an affordable price: many thanks to Peak Wazobia.

“I cannot describe how I felt when I first saw the Peak Wazobia in sachets. Imagine having such great quality of product and paying very little amount of money for it. My kids love the easy to carry and use pack. They don’t need anyone to open their milk for them. As for me, I rest because even when they leave home without breakfast, they can still enjoy their nutritious breakfast before classes start in school. This truly is a case of nutritious breakfast on the go”

Peak Wazobia is concentrated unsweetened full cream milk fortified with extra additional Vitamin B12 plus Folic Acid. It also contains Iodine,Vitamins A, D3, B1 and B6. It is a needed addition to our diet, nourishing body and mind together.