‘I slotted the construction of Eruwa road into the budget, govt didn’t drop a dime’ Oyo Speaker, Ogundoyin’s Statement Creates Political Storm

‘ Oloun, Ijoba o fi 1Naira sile, gbogbo ona ta shey, owo mi ni mo na!’ The Speaker of the Oyo House of Assembly, Debo Ogundoyin made this statement in Yoruba where he alleged that the Government did not approve the construction of Eruwa road and that he spent his personal money on the road, in fact he claimed to have actually smuggled the construction into the budget.


This revelation is causing ripples in Oyo State political space with the opposition having a field day, taunting Governor Seyi Makinde with the awkward revelation from the Speaker.


Political pundits had earlier predicted doom for the Speaker, son of late billionaire, Chief Adeseun Ogundoyin as it was reported that his kinsmen had threatened a show down, alleging he influenced nothing meaningful towards the town in their four years administration.


The Speaker who was trying to absolve himself of any blame was spotted under a tree meeting with his constituents where he informed them of the role he played.


The video circulated like a wildfire and there was absence in the camp of Governor Seyi Makinde indicating that the Governor’s handlers adopted silence as a mode of crisis management.


It was later revealed that the Governor approved and released mobilization funds for the construction of the road some days after the video went viral.


The fate of the Oyo Assembly Speaker, Debo Ogundoyin hangs in the balance as neither the Governor nor his kinsmen are revealing their next move toward his re election.