femi1As depicted in Femi Kuti’s hit song ‘sorry sorry’, that is the exact song to describe the present mood of the Afrobeat king and the son of music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Femi who made the headlines some days ago where he was claimed to have queried the paternity of two of his five children after a DNA test.
The musician is said not to be taking the story funny as he expressed shock while stating that the news was 8 years behind time.
Femi’s reaction came from an official statement made available to papermacheonline by his music label, Chocolate City.
The Afrobeat King who operates the new African Shrine with his sister, Yeni claimed to be a oving and responsible father while also expressing reservations on how the pictures of his legitimate children were used in the publications that misled the readers they were the affected children.
A source close to the saxophonist hinted that ‘the story got hold of him, he was so unhappy and screamed at everybody, it was Auntie(Yeni) that was just trying to pacify him’.
The 53-year-old Femi Kuti is not new to controversy, the very blunt Grammy award nominee had in the past been in the newspapers which reported widely his separation from wife, Funke. There was also a time he was rumoured to have suffered a mental ailment, a story he once joked about in an interview with papermacheonline where he said ‘they wrote I was mad, I went to a party and took a cup to pour my drink and people were staring at me, waiting to see what I would do with the cup. It got so frustrating I couldn’t walk on the street without raising eyebrows and I went into my bathroom, looked into the mirror and asked myself, am I truly mad?’.