‘Femi Kuti and I remain good friends’ -Funke Kuti

The beautiful mother of child saxophonist, Made, Funke Kuti in this interview speaks of her artiste management company, her present relationship with estranged husband, Femi Kuti and other personal matters…



It’s been some years now that you’ve been running FK Management, can you share with us the experience?

It hasn’t really been that long especially when you understand that you actually need a certain amount of time for a new company to incubate. I won’t lie but it was difficult at the beginning but through my determination and perseverance things have started picking up. It’s so interesting and rewarding building a new business from the scratch and watching it grow.

How do you decide on the artistes you sign on the company?

Before we sign on an artist, we asses their ‘star’ quality.  It is not enough to know how to sing or rap – you need to have that ‘Wow factor’ that will set you apart. You have to be able to deliver on the music angle,have stage performance skills, people skills, should be presentable .Funke Kuti (posted by Samod Biobakiu)

-How did you conceive the idea of artiste management, did you have any prior experience in it?

I have always had a passion for music and dancing from when I was a kid.  I believe that music relieves a lot of pent up stress and yes…I do have experience.  I was actively involved in an international band at some point in my life.  We toured extensively and I was exposed to various aspects and modalities of artist management. When the time was right I decided to set up my own company.

-Your appearance at Femi Kuti’s  birthday generated a lot of interests with talks of a comeback between you, how true is this?

I wonder why people love to read meanings into otherwise innocent situations. I keep on saying this over and over again apart from the fact that we have an awesome child together, Femi and I still remain good friends. So it’s only normal for me to support a friend on his birthday.

-Many thought since Femi has moved on raising another family they expected you to do the same, why do you still maintain a single status?

Being single is not a crime neither is it a burden.  To be single or not is a choice and not a sickness,  I am happy the way I am and I thank God for all He has done for me so far.

-what are the challenges of been a single woman?:

Challenges?   none that  I can pinpoint right now. So far I am doing very good and  I’m only accountable to myself and God.
-Can you tell us about your son, Made he was at his dad’s birthday, now a grown-up. How often do you see him? 

I do not talk about my son publicly.  He is fine and doing very well. I’m extremely proud of him.

-Do you miss been married?

I answered that in the question about being single.  No regrets.

-you always support your mum in her campaign against domestic abuse, can we relate this with your past experience?

My mum is a great woman and I not only support her, but i am a part of the NGO that seeks to assist the marginalised women and youths.  The fight against domestic violence and abuse is a part of the total focus of the NGO ( Acts Generation) .  Our family have always had a caring heart for the less fortunate and it is normal that I be a part of reaching out to the larger community.

-you are in your 40’s, yet you look like a 20-year-old, I’ve seen your mum, she looks far younger and beautiful than her age. Is there any beauty routine you stick to in your family?

There is no routine except to thank God for the wonderful genes that we have.  But basically we have a light heart towards issues and try to allow our inner beings not to be polluted with negative things.  Negative thoughts and attitudes have a lot to do in the ageing factor.  We also try to eat healthy ( most of the time ) and drink loads of water.

-what lessons has life taught you?

Life has been quite interesting, so far and it is has taught me not to depend too much on humans.  When you are not too expectant, you dont get disappointed.  I have learnt to view life as it comes and do unto others as I want them to do to me. I take one day at a time.

-One of your hobbies is dancing, do you still have time for it?

Not professionally anymore but occasionally, I dance to music at home its a way for me to de-stress myself. the few times I go out, I dance.

-you are very fashionable, what are your favorite fashion items?

My jeans, my loafers…

-how can you define style?

Style is an expression of  a person,  it is who you are and what you are.  It speaks about the type of person you are without you having to speak.  Style is you.