Family Kicks As Court Hands Ibadan Husband Killer Light Sentence (‘they are encouraging other women to become killers’ -deceased’s family)

Friends and relatives of Oyelowo Oyediran, a businessman that was allegedly murdered by his wife in February 2016 in Ibadan are unhappy with the court judgement that gave a 7 years sentence to the woman they believed to have murdered her husband in his sleep.

Speaking with papermacheonline today in Ibadan after the judgement was read by Justice Muntar Abimbola who closed the case while handing Yewande Oyediran a 7 year jail term, a family member, John expressed their disappointment that the former staff of the Department of Public Prosecution could go away with such sentence.

In a pained voice, the family member lamented ‘she could have just been freed! What’s the point? They are encouraging other women to kill their husbands. Well we are ready to appeal the judgement’ he stated.

It was revealed that a twist entered the story when the landlord of the deceased confessed that the late Lowo mistakenly stabbed himself in the neck.

The couple’s landlord, Mr Akinpelu Adelodun through a defence witness, Michael Lana stated that the late businessman mistakenly stabbed himself in the neck when he was struggling with him to grab the knife with which he planned to stab his wife.