Fall-out With Oyo First Lady, Aide Beaten To A Pulp Inside Governor’s House (she was attacked streets away, not within the premises -media aide)

In what looked like a payback for ‘disrespecting’ the Oyo State First Lady, Florence Ajimobi, one of her closest aide, Lape was recently beaten and stripped while on a visit to the Governor’s house.

Sources claimed the aide who was sacked from the First Lady’s team after she was alleged of backbiting and was ordered back to her primary job in the civil service was said to have been invited to the Governor’s personal home in Oluyole, Ibadan by the First Lady.

The reason for her invitation to the Governor’s home was for her to return some funds which was with her before her sudden demotion.

Oblivious of any circumstance, the aide whose husband is a Permanent Secretary in the State civil service walked into the Governor’s house where she encountered the First Lady. An argument ensued which attracted a lot of attention and the First Lady was alleged to have ordered her out of the house where she was thoroughly beaten, stripped and disgraced by people who were believed to be party thugs who were carrying out orchestrated errands for the First Lady.

An eye witness disclosed to papermacheonline that her attack looked well planned as she was attacked immediately she stepped out of the house with her assailants stripping her while taking her pictures with their mobile phones.

Those in the know claimed that Lape’s  attack was a warning signal for her as she was alleged to have confided in a colleague that she would reveal some information about the First Lady which she would not be happy with and to forestall such incident from happening came the public ridicule she suffered.

Papermacheonline called  one of the media representatives of the Oyo State First Lady, Yejide Gbenga-Ogundare who confirmed that Lape was attacked but it wasn’t within the compound of the Governor.

In her words ‘I heard she was attacked, but it wasn’t within the vicinity, she was attacked streets away. The First Lady knew nothing about the attack,  on that day she didn’t even see the First Lady. She was the one that knows the problem she had with the politicians who attacked her’.

This is a link to the story as reported some months ago by papermacheonline when the aide was sacked…