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Gaso Boss, Gani Shonubi’s New Interest

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Not many can claim to have seen the CEO of GASO Furniture, Gani Shonubi lately, not only at occasions, but his usual fun places.

The money man, who changed the face of modern entrepreneurship in Ibadan with his Gaso Furniture, a multimillion naira furniture company in the heart of the city has opened a new door different from the ones that gave him a name and stupendous riches.

Now, the Asiwaju of Ibadanland has become a big factor in Real Estate and Development in Europe.

His company has won the license to construct some buildings laced with the recent architectural designs in some cities in Europe.

Gani’s journey is now limited within the space of Madrid, Brussels, Lyon and Venice to supervise the work of his builders.

Like a man touched by the gods, Shonubi has been raking money from all his businesses. His Casa Lucio event centre remains the centre for the best events and shindigs in Oyo State.

Gov Fayose Escapes Death In Car Inferno (family alleges ‘it was a bomb attack)


There’s a new twist into the car accident survived by Ekiti State Governor, Peter Ayodele Fayose in Lagos some days ago as one of his brothers, Isaac alleged it was a bomb attack.

The Governor’s AMG Benz 2016 went up in flames and burnt beyond repairs along Oshodi expressway.

According to Isaac Fayose, the CEO of Anis Guards, he claimed ‘the accident was a bomb attack. My brother was in Lagos where he went to grant some interviews in a couple of radio stations, Jimi Agbaje came to meet him at one of the radio stations and they left together. On his way to the airport the Governor was in the car…a 2016 AMG for that matter! He noticed smoke was coming from the back of the seat and he jumped out and joined another car in the convoy, in a second the car went up in flames…it was a bomb attack, either spiritual or physical’.

The Governor’s spokesperson, Lere Olayinka confirmed the incident with claims that security operatives are working to determine the cause.

Isime Esene, managing editor of Y!/ speaks at the London School of Economics Africa Summit

LSE Africa Summit Ibukun Awosika

Isime Esene, managing editor of Y!/ speaks at the London School of Economics Africa Summit

Managing Editor of Y! /, Isime Esene was a speaker at the LSE Africa Summit which held at the London School of Economics and Political Science from March 31 to April 1, 2017.

Themed ‘Built for Africa: African solutions to African issues’, the summit is a platform to engage and explore cutting-edge research and business trends across Africa’s rapidly changing socio-economic environment.

Esene who spoke on the topic, ‘Law and Development: Citizen-Led Accountability’ cited social media as a tool to mobilize people, provoke thought, and establish cultural and socio-political movements.

Chaired by lawyer and open governance activist, Lolan Sagoe-Moses, the discussion panel include research specialist for the International Budget Partnership (IBP), Andile Cele; assistant professor at Keele University and former Lord Kelvin/Adam Smith Scholar at the University of Glasgow, Awol Allo; and director of Lawyers for Justice in Libya, Elham Saudi.

A research paper was also presented on ‘Local Media Monitoring of Mozambique’ by Joseph Hanlon, a visiting Senior Fellow at the Department of International Development of the London School of Economics and visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Open University, Milton Keynes, England.

Powered by Red Media Africa as official media partners, the Summit is organized to highlight African solutions to pressing issues facing the continent.

Protest, Anger Trail Mass Sack At OAGF


No fewer than 71 accounting Officers, employees of the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation (OAGF),who were recently disengaged by the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC), have petitioned, Alhaji Ahmed Idris, Accountant General of the Federation, (AGF) and Joan Ayo, Chairman the FCSC, over what they termed unjust termination of appointment.
They alleged that for no just cause, the appointment letters they were offered in 2014 after undergoing interview, screening and documentation, were suddenly withdrawn in 2016 without cogent reasons.
They averred that their engagement followed laid down civil service rules and regulations and therefore were at loss of what led to the termination of their appointment after waiting for two years to be posted to offices across the country.
They also alleged that while some who have people in government were retained and posted, they were shown the exit door for reasons unknown to them.
They asserted that the way they were treated was “malicious, insensitive and the height of injustice”
According to them, “this petition relates to issues which involve sizeable number of Nigerians whose careers are being put at stake through malicious actions of the two officers of FCSC and AGF”

Revealed! Why Robert Mbonu Quit Heritage Bank (how he was eased out to please Ifie Sekibo)


It is an open yet closely guarded secret in Heritage Bank today that Robert, a brilliant banker, and Executive Director in charge of Enterprise Management Group was surreptitiously eased out of the bank’s management. Though no official reason has been given for Mbonu’s dismissal, sources close to the bank alleged that it might not be unconnected with a power tussle between him and the bank’s Managing Director (MD), Ifie Sekibo.

A former MD of the Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria, owned by the illustrious Saraki family, Mbonu was arrested in 2013 by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in 2013 for his involvement in the pillaging of the bank’s vault. The SGBN later metamorphosed into Heritage Bank where Mbonu was placed below Sekibo. The centre never held between the duo as Sekibo persistently felt threatened by Mbonu’s brilliance and competency at his job.

The embers of discord were further stoked between the two when Heritage Bank acquired Enterprise Bank. Mbonu allegedly believed that, being a tested and trusted turn-around expert, he would be given the responsibility of integrating the moribund bank into the Heritage Banking Company Limited. Alas, that was not to be. Yet, his competence and prolificacy are not in doubt – a fact attested to by the bank on its website. Mbonu was allegedly paid off by the bank.

There is no doubt Mbonu is an astute numbers man and a seasoned Banker. He took charge and led the team that restructured the former Societe Generale Bank Nig. leading up to the bank’s acquisition by IEI Investments Limited. “Robb” as he is fondly called by friends and associates, headed the Enterprise Management Group of Heritage Bank until he was craftily dismissed as a result of high-wired boardroom politics.

After been shown the exit door at Heritage Bank, an act insiders of the back referred to as an act of betrayer, he relocated abroad for study only to come back in the country to open an Arts Gallery.

Fall-out With Oyo First Lady, Aide Beaten To A Pulp Inside Governor’s House (she was attacked streets away, not within the premises -media aide)


In what looked like a payback for ‘disrespecting’ the Oyo State First Lady, Florence Ajimobi, one of her closest aide, Lape was recently beaten and stripped while on a visit to the Governor’s house.

Sources claimed the aide who was sacked from the First Lady’s team after she was alleged of backbiting and was ordered back to her primary job in the civil service was said to have been invited to the Governor’s personal home in Oluyole, Ibadan by the First Lady.

The reason for her invitation to the Governor’s home was for her to return some funds which was with her before her sudden demotion.

Oblivious of any circumstance, the aide whose husband is a Permanent Secretary in the State civil service walked into the Governor’s house where she encountered the First Lady. An argument ensued which attracted a lot of attention and the First Lady was alleged to have ordered her out of the house where she was thoroughly beaten, stripped and disgraced by people who were believed to be party thugs who were carrying out orchestrated errands for the First Lady.

An eye witness disclosed to papermacheonline that her attack looked well planned as she was attacked immediately she stepped out of the house with her assailants stripping her while taking her pictures with their mobile phones.

Those in the know claimed that Lape’s  attack was a warning signal for her as she was alleged to have confided in a colleague that she would reveal some information about the First Lady which she would not be happy with and to forestall such incident from happening came the public ridicule she suffered.

Papermacheonline called  one of the media representatives of the Oyo State First Lady, Yejide Gbenga-Ogundare who confirmed that Lape was attacked but it wasn’t within the compound of the Governor.

In her words ‘I heard she was attacked, but it wasn’t within the vicinity, she was attacked streets away. The First Lady knew nothing about the attack,  on that day she didn’t even see the First Lady. She was the one that knows the problem she had with the politicians who attacked her’.

This is a link to the story as reported some months ago by papermacheonline when the aide was sacked…