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‘N2.5B, All The Thugs In Oyo State…’ Fayose Details How Makinde Snatched Victory At PDP Congress

One of the brothers of the former Governor of Ekiti State, Ayo Fayose, Isaac has painted the details on what gave victory to  Governor Seyi Makinde’s camp at the just concluded PDP Southwest Congress.

In a chat monitored on popular whatsapp Group, Friends Of Parrots‘,  Isaac Fayose alleged Governor Seyi Makinde coasted to victory after spending 2.5 billion naira and putting to work all the thugs in Oyo State to defeat the Fayose/Eddy Olafeso camp in a tight race Taofeek Arapaja won with just 13 votes to become the Deputy National Chairman of the PDP in the Southwest.

His claims attracted reactions from aides of Governor Seyi Makinde who were also in the group. They challenged the younger Fayose to give life to his allegations and be quiet.

Meanwhile before the beginning of the tensed elections, former Governor Ayodele Fayose, has declared that the governor of Oyo State, who is also the only governor of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the South West geo-political zone, ‘Seyi Makinde, is the father and leader of the party in the zone.

In a statement on Monday, the Special Assistant (Print Media) to Governor Makinde, Moses Alao, said that Fayose, while addressing the delegates at the WOCDIF Centre, Osogbo venue of the South-West PDP Zonal Congress, had said that supporters should not be allowed to drive a wedge between the leaders, adding that he would readily accept the leadership of Ambassador Taofeek Arapaja if he wins the election.

He further declared the process as family affair of the PDP, while Governor Makinde added that the outcome of congress would be accepted in the spirit of a family contest, whatever it is.

Makinde maintained that the Congress was an attempt to reposition the South-West PDP, though there were ramifications for the party nationally.

According to him, “this is an attempt to reposition our party in the South-West. But it has ramifications for our party nationally.

“So, whatever the outcome is, we will take it in the spirit of a family contest. We don’t want to defeat ourselves, but APC. So, at the end of this exercise, I promise you that there will be no victor and no vanquished.

“As your only governor in this zone, whoever emerges belongs to me and I will work with the team to reposition our party in the South-West.

“So, let me thank you ahead for a peaceful and orderly conduct,” Governor Makinde said.

In his speech, shortly before the commencement of the congress, Fayose publicly accepted Makinde’s leadership of the PDP in the zone, adding that the governor had been making impact in Oyo State, and that he would not fail.

He said: “Thank you for the endurance and tolerance we have all gone through. The issue of this congress is a circumstantial one, which is still in the public domain. Who is the leader? Governor Seyi Makinde is our leader.

“Therefore, we should not allow, particularly those who are our supporters and lovers, to continue to put a wedge between us.

“Our leaders – Governors Oyinlola, Oni, former Deputy Senate Majority Whip and all serving senators – I want to assure you that we will make exploits together because this must not divide us.

“I stand here to tell you today that either way it goes, I will accept it. Therefore, if Arapaja becomes chairman, I will be the first to visit him in Ibadan, because there is nothing that will last forever.

“Nobody has offended me and if I have offended anybody, I sincerely apologise. Don’t let them give us the name we do not bear in Yorubaland.

“I want to say again that Governor Seyi Makinde has made impact in Oyo State and he won’t fail. Seyi Makinde and I are one. No matter what, he is our father and may God continue to do wonders through him.”


How We Block Leakages And Save Resources With e-Governance -Seyi Makinde

-Tunde Ayanda

Governor ‘Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has revealed that the introduction of e-governance to the running of government in the state has contributed immensely to the on-going massive development and transformation in the state.

The governor stated this while addressing the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN’s) 50th Annual Accountants Conference in Abuja, with the theme: ‘Achieving Sustainable Leadership Through E-government in the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

According to the Chief Press Secretary, Mr Taiwo Adisa, in a statement on Thursday, April 8, 2021, the governor said that the openness and transparency, engendered by the introduction of e-governance initiative, has helped the government to fund infrastructure and ensure smooth and full payments of salaries and pensions as and when due.

Governor Makinde said further that his government had been able to block leakages and save massive resources.

The CPS’s statement also pointed out the governor’s remark that for the country to experience sustainable development, and not to be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution, it needs focused leadership, which would be able to harness its potential to “pick up and catch up with the rest of the world.”

The governor disclosed that when the government realised that the state had limited resources for all the things needed to be done, and there were many loopholes through which resources were siphoned, it quickly took action to block those leakages by creating an E-governance Plan.

He noted that the plan entailed digitising all government processes and services, in order to raise the coverage and quality of information and services being provided to the general public.

Governor Makinde however pointed out that a lot of people misunderstood the period of laying a solid foundation for development, and tagged him an ‘audio governor.’

According to the governor, the introduction of the e-governance initiatives across different sectors, including budgeting, contracting, public procurement, job recruitment, land and housing, among others, had paid off for the state.

He said that apart from saving huge resources now being channeled to development, it had also made governance more efficient.

“You may wonder, what has been the result of our installing e-governance processes? In what way has e-governance benefited the people of Oyo State? Massive savings.

“Let me share one example: When we came in, we got consultants to look into the processes in our tertiary institutions and make things more transparent. We created a database of all staff and did identity management for them.

“We also put the prices of all items that a university needs for day-to-day running in a database. And so, when a requisition is made, the price has to tally with that in the database.

“In just one school, The Polytechnic Ibadan, we got a savings of N1 billion by following this process.

“When people ask: where is the Oyo State government getting money to pay salaries when other states are struggling to pay percentages? Is he borrowing money to fund recurrent expenditure?

“The answer lies in openness and transparency with which we have approached leadership and governance, especially with the use of technology.

“I have heard people say that Oyo State has been turned into a massive construction site. We are building a state that everyone should be proud of. And technology is playing a huge role in our work.

“We know that the foundation is very important. When the pioneers of the first industrial revolution started work in the 1750s, they could not have imagined how their work would be built on.

“Two hundred and seventy years down the line, we are talking about a fourth revolution. This is what focused governance entails – looking beyond one’s tenure in government.

“What I have learnt so far in Oyo State is that e-governance is possible. The transparency and openness it offers is desirable. But there are challenges. Aside from the initial cost of building the infrastructure which might appear restrictive if a leader is not looking at the bigger picture, there is also the loss of political capital that comes with it.

“And I must say, the latter is a bigger; the reason why governance in Nigeria has remained in an analogue state.

“Recently, Oyo State has been in the news. The perception that has been created in some circles is that the state is insecure. Some people have even gone to town with claims of cannibalism.

“But when you dig deeper, you will find that sponsors of these messages are people who no longer have access to the state’s coffers. They are people who believe that it will be business as usual.

“These days, you see them gathering to talk about how their political age confers on them some superior level of thinking, or how they will be taking over in 2023.”

The governor admonished that for individuals thinking of making changes in governance in the country, they must be ready to embrace transparency and openness.

He said: “So, for any of you here thinking of making changes in governance in the next few years, you must think in terms of bringing the transparency and accountability that digitisation and setting up processes have given to the private sector into the public sector.

“This is how Nigeria can really benefit and become a leading voice in this fourth industrial revolution.”

Grief, Regret As Oyo Sports Commissioner, Seun Fakorede’s Aide Disappears With Valuables Months Before Epic Wedding

The handsome Commissioner for Youth and Sports in Oyo State, Seun Fakorede is presently an unhappy man.

The lovable youth who takes the pride as Governor Seyi Makinde’s youngest Commissioner is at the time preparing for his wedding when the unexpected happened, an aide broke into his room, unlocked his safe and disappeared with an undisclosed amount of cash and other valuables.

Papermacheonline gathered that the politician was shocked beyond belief as he was said to be nice to the alleged aide whose phone had been switched off since the day of the incident.

A source hinted that Fakorede didn’t want to make a noise of the crime as the culprit is someone that was introduced to him by an influential person in the government, so he would rather live quietly with the pains.

People close to him hinted that the amount that was stolen and other missing items if not found may likely call for a trim down of his desired wedding ceremony.

As at the time of writing this report, there are strong indications that the Commissioner who is largely popular among the youths in Ibadan is setting up private investigations as to the whereabout of the culprit and how to apprehend him.

‘It is unwise and inappropriate to tell Igboho to stay out of Ondo’ Femi Fani Kayode Replies Governor Akeredolu

-Remi Ajayi


Former Aviation Minister, Chief Femi Fani Kayode has descended heavily on the Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu who earlier warned Yoruba freedom fighter, Sunday Igboho and his supporters to steer clear of Ondo State in their clamour for a sovereign Yoruba State.


The Governor while swearing in the State SSG, Princess Oladunni Odu some days ago said  no part of the entire state, known and delineated as Ondo State, would permit any gathering or agitation which may suggest, however remotely, that the people are in support of what he termed ‘unthinking rabble rousing.’

In a reply to Governor Akeredolu, Chief Femi Fani Kayode on his social media claimed ‘Ondo State is is part and parcel of Yorubaland and it would be a grave error on the part of Governor Akeredolu or anyone else to assume that the majority of people in his state are against the establishment of Oduduwa Republic or they do not have the right to meet or even talk about it. I think it is unwise, inappropriate and counterproductive to tell them to stay out of Ondo State’.


Self acclaimed Yoruba activist, Igboho had demanded the secession of South-West from Nigeria. His declaration sparked divergent reactions from Nigerians.


During his declaration, Igboho said the major resources of Nigeria were in the hands of Northerners, stressing that Yorubas were being killed and their land taken over.

“If the police attack us for that, we are ready for them. We do not want Nigeria again but the Yoruba nation. There is no essence for one Nigeria when the major resources in the country are in the hands of the northerners.

Jubilation As Nigeria Takes Delivery Of Covid-19 Vaccines

-Akintunde Fawaz


Federal Government  of Nigeria today recieved 3.924m doses of Astra-Zeneca COVID -19 vaccines from the COVAX Facilitie.

s The COVAX Facility is the global pooled procurement mechanism for COVID-19 vaccines through which COVAX will ensure fair and equitable access to vaccines for all 190 participating economies, using an allocation framework formulated by Word Health Organization WHO.

The Vaccines arrives Nigeria through Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Tuesday Morning and were received by the Chairman presidential task force on COVID -19 and Secretary to Government of the Federation Boss Mustapha and his team Boss Mustapha in his remark said the arrival of the Astra-Zeneca vaccines today, marks a significant milestone in the National Response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria.

The delivery of the vaccine came with a little excitement for the ruling party, APC as the social media handlers of the party celebrated the delivery with spicy headlines ‘History Made As Nigeria Takes Delivery Of 3.9m Covid Vaccines’.

‘Our Plans For Liberty Stadium’ -Sports Minister, Sunday Dare

-Ayotunde Ayanda

The Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Mr Sunday Dare has hinted on what the Federal Government plans to do revive the Obafemi Awolowo Stadium Complex, Ibadan.


While speaking to journalists at the seminar for online media hosted by the Southwest Group of Online Publishers (SWEGOP) at the Ilaji Farms and Resorts, Akanran, Ibadan, the Minister claimed there is an effort to work on the stadium.


In his statement, Sunday Dare said ‘I may not be able to come there and speak on the plans because I don’t want to start receiving calls. The approach we want to adopt is what we are doing with the National Stadium, Lagos. We are trying to look for people that will partner with the government on that project. They will build, operate and return to the government after running it for 15 or 25 years. We achieved what we have done with the National Stadium with the partnership with Chief Kessington Adebutu and that should be ready in June.


Why Sunday Igboho Appoints Spokesman

The man-of-the-moment, Sunday Igboho has named Olayomi Koiki as his spokesperson.


Igboho took the decision as an outcome to control the reactions that trailed his unguarded utterances against Yoruba leaders like the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and Governor Seyi Makinde.

Insiders revealed that the outcome of the outburst was shocking and almost marred the plans and goodwill being enjoyed by Igboho and he was advised to restrategize, and one of the first steps he took was to name a spokesman.

The duty of the spokesperson is to interphase between Igboho and the public and also monitor whatever information coming from the camp