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Memories: My Encounter With American Singer, John Legend In Ibadan -Ayotunde Ayanda

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon ( I can’t remember the exact month) in 2007. I was in church, dozing off while feeling the coolness of the air conditioner and not really paying attention to the boring sermon from the Pastor when my Nokia 3310 gave a notification that I had a  message. Was it an alert ? Did I set any appointment?  I don’t usually have appointment on Sundays.

I was fiddling with my phone while battling with the thought of reading the message after the sermon. I was jolted back into reality when I unlocked the screen and realised the sender was a colleague, Akeem Azeez (the present Personal Assistant to the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde) he only gets in touch whenever there was an emergency.

As usual, the text was simple and was more of an order than an invite…’join us for an afternoon session with John Legend at 2pm. Venue, the University College Hospital’.

I had a million thoughts flushed over me. What is John Legend doing in Ibadan? Or is there another John Legend? Abi he wanted to say John Fashanu?

I was convinced it wasn’t the same John Legend, that American singer and a protege of Kanye West that was taking the entertainment world by storm with songs like ‘Cold Outside’, ‘Ordinary People’, ‘All Of Me’.

But as a journalist, either it was John Fashanu or John Legend, both of them were newsworthy.

I rushed out of the church, flagged a bike and headed to the University College Hospita, Ibadanl.

I was disappointed when I got to UCH and a young nurse told me they just left. I fired a question at her ‘you mean John Legend was here?’. From the expression on her face you could tell she didn’t know who John Legend was. Her response was, some people came here to dedicate the Children’s ward and they just left.

I rushed out again and was wondering what my next line of action should be, when another text message entered my phone…’you know Aunty Lanre’s house at Jericho? It’s called Ajitoni’s Court. Meet us there’.

I didn’t know if I was running or flying, I flagged another bike and told the rider, ‘get me there in 5 minutes and take 200 Naira’. That simply did the magic! We got there in exactly 7 minutes.

As I entered the compound I sighted a slightly bow-legged, fair skinned guy talking to some people. I was still trying to get familiar with the atmosphere when someone grabbed my elbow and said ‘lets go and meet him’.

I was trying to protest, asking ‘is this John Legend? Does he have a bow-leg?’ when he looked back and smiled,  and instantly the recognition dawned on me and I remembered seeing that cherubim face on the jacket of the Get Lifted album. We pumped fist and I made to hug him but drew back when I saw a towering image standing behind him, obviously his bodyguard. He made a signal I couldn’t understand. We sat down and after some minutes of trying to get familiar with his accent, we started a conversation with the first question from Alhaji Akeeb Alarape, the Sun Newspaper correspondent who is now a farmer in Iwo, Osun State.

He told us Tayo, one of the daughters of Chief Mrs Lanre Otiti, a very respected woman, an Ibadan chief who practised nursing for many years in the United States was his friend. In fact he called her his manager.

He explained that he was in Nigeria with his team for the Thisday Newspapers Festival when Tayo told him her mother would like him to come and dedicate a Children’s Ward in Ibadan. He said he was amused, he loves children and would like to give his support to anything that has to do with children all over the world, particularly in Africa.

I told him the acceptance his music enjoys in Nigeria, and he was thrilled when I sang the first verse of his ‘Ordinary People’ track.

He said he was aware of the impact his song was having on the youths and he confirmed his plan was to sing and stage carnivals where he wants to preach love, unity, support and also speak against drug abuse, violence and other vices known among the youths.

He was of the opinion that the Nigerian entertainment industry was doing good and he predicted a boom in the next 5 years (and he was right!).

When I asked if he listens to Nigerian songs, he said he listened to Fela and some other African musicians.

We had a lengthy discussion and he promised to get back to me by email (which he must have obviously forgotten) and he left with his team as they were to perform that night at the awards in Lagos.

He made a good impression on me, I didn’t try to get in touch after then, but funnily I still love his songs and followed him on instagram. Maybe one day I would be bold to post the picture we had and refresh his memory…one day, maybe or maybe not.

Ibadan Socialite, Gatuzzo Killed In Top Politician’s Hotel

Ibadan social circle is thrown into deep mourning with the death of socialite, Olaleye Abiola popularly called Gatuzzo.

The deceased was shot dead at the Town House hotel, Iyaganku GRA, Ibadan belonging to APC chieftain, Oloye Bayo Adelabu.

Before his death, he was an ardent follower of Adelabu who contested the last governorship election and lost to Governor Seyi Makinde.

Gatuzzo was said to have entered the hotel and was making a call when he was shot by some armed men who were already raiding and were about leaving the premises.

There were different narratives hinged to his death. While some people believed it was just an armed robbery attack, others think otherwise.

A friend also hinted papermacheonline that Gatuzzo just started the mint-changing(money) business.

He was said to be preparing for his wedding some hours before the sad incident happened.

‘Kaduna’s Problem Has Given My Husband Grey Hairs’ El Rufai’s Wife Laments

Wife of the governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Hadiza, is full of concern and worries about her husband.

The pretty woman, a writer and the founder of the Yasmin El-Rufai Foundation came out some days ago as she voiced her worries over the stress and huge responsibility that the office of her husband is having on him.

The woman playfully commented on how her husband’s hair turns grey, attributing it to the daily stress he faces as the governor of Kaduna State.

The governor and his wife are both 60 years and they’ve come a long way, raising a family and weathering the storm.

Her comments spurred hilarious reactions from her friends and associates.

Kola Karim Replaces Harry Akande As The Agba Akin Of Ibadan

‘When an elephant dies, another elephant takes the throne’. The Yoruba proverb depicts the real situation as to what to come after the passage of the Agba Oye of Ibadanland, Chief Harry Akande, who died recently.

Chief Akande’s death created a void and plunged the Olubadan council into deep research as they seek a befitting replacement.

From information, the Chairman of Shoreline Energy, Kola Karim is who the cap fits.

The gentleman’s profile stands him out and the message is going round that Ibadan is about to have a new Agba-Akin.

Kola Karim is rich, he is a full Ibadan man and has been one of the pillars the city has leaned on for many years. To cap it all, he is of age.

The process is ongoing as excitement fills the ancient city.

‘someone stepped on me’ K1 Gave Reasons For Storming Out Of Olubadan’s Wife’s Birthday Party

The king of fuji music and the Mayegun of Yorubaland, Wasiu Ayinde showed his other side recently at the 70th birthday celebration of the most senior wife of the Olubadan of Ibadan, Oba Saliu Olatunji.

The Jogor Hall of Grace was filled to the brim with dignitaries, monarchs and celebrities who came from far and wide to celebrate with the monarch and as expected, the Mayegun was at his best, dishing out the best from his music collections.

The party was going smoothly till the Master of Ceremony pleaded with K1 to give the DJ a short time to perform.

The fuji musician was obviously angry as he stepped down from the stage but refused to come back to the stage to continue his performance.

All the pleas and gesture to get him back on stage proved futile. It took the timely intervention of Ibadan high chief, Akinade Fijabi to save the situation.

The Mayegun protested ‘Fijabi, won te mi mole ni now! Mi korin mo!'(I was stepped on, I’m no longer singing).

The high chief, an old buddy of the musician pleaded with him and got him back on the stage.

The Olubadan, Oba Adetunji was a music promoter and influenced Wasiu Ayinde’s musical career as a budding artiste.

Senatorial Ambition Talks Hover Around Seyi Makinde’s Top Aide, Seye Famojuro

Like a man favoured by the gods, Seye Famojuro is doing things ordinary mortals will find hard to achieve.

The young man, regarded as the closest person to the Governor of Oyo State, Seyi Makinde is said to be leveraging on his relationship with his ‘Governor brother’ to achieve a political aim with talks that he is set to contest a Senatorial seat in Osun State in the coming elections. Unknown to many, Seye is from Otan Ayegbaju in Osun State.

The young man who occupies a non-appointment position in the government is regarded as the most powerful in Oyo State, tale abounds of how he influenced the appointment of many and also has the say when it comes to major works and contracts. He is the man the state contractors bow to and he doesn’t hide his influence as his words become the laws to many.

Those in the know revealed that he has already began the consultations as he visits his hometown at will, but pundits are putting calculation to his ambition with the recent fight his principal, Seyi Makinde is having with some PDP leaders, like former Ekiti Governor, Ayo Fayose and some other party chieftains. Seye is said to have played a big role in the crisis between Fayose and Governor Makinde.



Sex Scandal; FCMB Share Price Drops!

-Biola Johnson


Amidst the sex scandal rocking Nigeria’s leading tier 2-bank, First City Monument Bank, the institution has recorded significant losses at the stock exchange as it experiences a 9% decline at the wake of the scandal.


The plunge in share price is largely attributed to growing concerns among investors on recent reports where the management of FCMB asked the Managing Director to proceed on a compulsory leave while the sex matter is investigated.

FCMB in a statement, said the development would guarantee the sanctity of the review action the Board has initiated on the allegation.


The statement reads: “We are aware of several stories circulating across several media platforms about our bank’s Managing Director Adam Nuru, a former employee Mrs Moyo Thomas and her deceased husband, Mr Tunde Thomas.

“While this is a personal matter, the tragedy of the death of Mr Tunde Thomas and the allegations of unethical conduct require the bank’s board to conduct a review of what transpired, any violations of our code of ethics and the adequacy of this code of ethics. This is already under way.

“During the period of the review, the Managing Director has volunteered to proceed on leave. This will guarantee the sanctity of the review process.

“We enjoin all our stakeholders to bear with us as we conduct this review and to please respect the various families involved.”