AbsolutePR Lead strategist, Akonte Ekine debunks office seal off allegation

AbsolutePR frontman,Akonte Ekine has set matter straight,detailing why the agency vacated the office space.
A respected online news platform reported that AbsolutePR’s office has been sealed and that the office double as Akonte Ekine’s residence.
Mr Ekine who frowned at the write-up said ” the  office space never double as anyone’s residence. We’ve moved out of the place since December 2015 as we deem it fit to relocate. The rent was increased and we moved to where is  affordable and more strategic to our business”.
” As soon as an office space became vacant, the next thing is for the property agent to indicate that it’s ready for letting and that’s what is conspicuously hanging on the entrance gate, a ‘To Let’ banner from Bola and Tokun & Co.  There is no sign post showing that it was sealed by any court or regulatory agent. wherever the writer got his information I don’t know” he explained.
Ekine added that AbsolutePR new office is located at Olayiwola street off kudirat Abiola way Oregun and the agency is open for business always.
“One of our core business is reputation management and with that we are trying our best to establish cordial relationship with the media.  I think it’s proper for the writer to contact us before writing such story and we would have explained to him. Our new office is open to business for all honesty hearted individual and corporate organization and we won’t allow distraction of any sort to derail us from satisfying our list of clientele’ he concluded.
Another executive of the agency said
” it’s stale for anyone to make reference to Joke Giwa as our partner, we’ve set matter straight since it was raised few years ago. However, we allow our works to speak for us that’s the reason all executives of the agency live decently” she explained.