It Wasn’t me! Rahma Indimi Absolves Self Over Audio Leakage Of Ex-Husband, Mohammed Babangida

Just like Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, its such a way to describe the present state of affairs in the home of the son of former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida, Mohammed.

An audio leak where the polo buff was saying derogatory things about his wife has blown to the public while the ex-wife, Rahman who was fingered to be the plotter behind it has come out to vehemently denied knowing where and how the audio came to life.

A furious Rahma, daughter of billionaire, Alhaji Indimi took to her instagram page and posted “it is rather unfortunate that people you confide in can just go through your phone and post such an embarrassing audio of you know who. It is no secret that we have been divorced and I did not hide it. He is the father of my children and I do respect him. The leakage of the audio was done in poor taste so people pls stop tagging me…What goes on in his house is his business and not mine…’

According to those in the know, Umuani was the first woman Mohammed ever fell in love with. Though he later married Rahma but he didn’t stop loving Umuani and that was why he announced his decision to take a second wife after four years of living with Rahman as man a wife, a decision that provoked the first wife and later led to the collapse of their marriage.

Mohammed is claimed to be very sad with the audio leakage and has vowed to unravel the identity of whosoever is behind the leakage with the intent of measuring punishment.