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When Bitcoin Came into the lime light, it was barely nothing. An article in 2013 where a man bought a burger with 10,000 Bitcoin, in 2017 that Bitcon will make the man $10,344,400 (NGN 3,620,540,000) richer.
To cut the long story short, if you have not invested in Bitcoins yet, you need to. In the next couple of years, Bitcoin is going to be worth up to $2000 per Bitcoin. As at the time of this post, 1BTC – $1035.Hence if you have just 1BTC, you have a whooping NGN 450,000 (using 450 as the exchange rate).
3 Questions for you?
1. Do you want a passive income generator in this recession time?
2. Will 2BTC a month (NGN 1,234,000) raise your standard of living?
3. Do you want to end 2017 as a financially free individual?
Introducing the first ever registered Bitcoin investment trading platform. THE TRADE COIN CLUB
The Trade Coin Club Plan
The trade Coin Club gives you the power to earn Bitcoin Monthly as a passive income. All you have to do it invest on the trading platform, the platform trades on your investment and gives daily returns on trading, depending on your investment.
Below are the various investment plans available in the Trade Coin Club:
Apprentice – Invest 0.25 to 0.99 BTC and receive a 0.35% daily ROI for 8 months
Trader – Invest 1 to 4.99 BTC and receive a 0.4% daily ROI for 12 months
Senior Trader – Invest 5 BTC or more and receive a 0.45% daily ROI for 12 months

This is not a Ponzi Scheme, nor a peer – peer Community. It is an investment trading platform for serious individuals who want to make extra income on a daily basis.
Let’s do the maths for instance:
• Invest 0.5BTC in the Trade Coin Club
• You receive 35% daily trading profit on your investment which is 0.175
• Multiply your profit by 30 days (0.175 * 30)
• That is 5.25BTC from a 0.5BTC investment
• In figures, $5,406 and NGN 2,432,700
In summary, investing $514 to the Trade Coin Club and getting $5,406 as returns on investment through Bitcoin trading. This can be more depending on your investment plan.

There you have it. Join the winning and profitable team today. The Bitcoin value keeps increasing daily hence why you need to join the band wagon today.
JOIN THE TRADECOIN CLUB TODAY and you will have testimonies within a month. For more information and details, contact us or Send an email to

Shocking: Ibadan Socialite, Femi Lekuti Dies Two Weeks After Burying Dad

The Ibadan social circle was shut down on Friday, February 10, 2017 when the news hits the city about the demise of a popular socialite, Femi Lekuti.

The socialite who joined politics and contested for the State’s House of Assembly under the All Nigerian Peoples Party but lost some years ago has reportedly being suffering from an undisclosed ailment which paralyzed some part of his body for some time.

A source that spoke with Papermache disclosed that he was managing the sickness well and even played a major role when he buried his father in Abeokuta two weeks ago before his untimely death.

The socialite who bestrode the country’s party circuit like a colossus in the 90’s was a darling of many. He enjoyed a rare goodwill during his lifetime as the line the King of fuji beats, Wasiu Ayinde dropped for him ‘danku ara wa ni, ijinle pam pam’ still rings in the heart of his many friends and admirers.

A family source hinted that the sickness gripped him in the early hours of Friday, February 10th 2017 and he was first rushed to Oke Ado hospital, Ibadan before he was later transferred to the University College Hospital where he was pronounced BID(Brought-in-Dead).

‘There Is Need For Buhari To Sack All His Ministers And Economic Advisers’ Wole Arisekola

publisher and Chairman of the Association of Online Media Practitioners of Nigeria (AMPON) Wole Arisekola has queried the approach of the Buhari administration to its anti-corruption crusade.

Though many see the war against corruption as timely; especially to restore the nation’s dignity, retrieve her collective wealth stolen by the few, and put the nation on the path of greatness, others see the war as lopsided, vendetta, apparently, targeted at the opposition to the government.

In his recently expressed open mind opinion, tagged ‘School of Thought’, Arisekola averred that the war against graft must be fought within known conventions, rather than on spontaneous intuition without concrete evidence.