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Zenith Bank Chairman, Jim Ovia, Folorunsho Alakija, Femi Otedola, Tony Elumelu, Aliko Dangote Break Fast With President Muhammadu Buhari

Monday June 27 2016, Zenith Bank Chairman, Jim Ovia and a couple of high profile business people observed the breaking of Ramadan Fast with President Muhammadu Buhari.

The extraordinary men and woman of commerce that were in attendance alongside the Zenith Bank Chairman were Chairman Forte Oil, Mr. Femi Otedola; Mrs. Folorusho Alakija; President Muhammadu Buhari; Heirs Holdings, Mr Tony Elumelu and President Dangote Group of Companies, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

Man On Fire, Gov Fayose’s Associate, Biodun Agbele Flees! (insiders detail how he spent loot to revive nightclub business)

His claim to fame was an expose by a United States court in 1993 claiming the individual was a member of a powerful drug cartel that operated out of Chicago and Hammond, Indiana about two decades ago and since then nothing has been heard about him till recently when he was mentioned as the ‘middle man’ for Gov Ayo Fayose in a 4.6 billion naira allegation which the Governor is fighting tooth and nail to give a distance.

Agbele, according to those in the know had fallen on bad times. He was said to have become an object of mercy by friends he had helped in the past who came to his rescue whenever he was in need until his old pal, Governor Ayo Fayose decided to ‘help’ and made him a conduit pipe to receive the funds that later became the albatross for both of them.

People close to him divulged to papermacheonline that Agbele became an overnight millionaire as he received cash into his bank accounts on the instruction of Gov Fayose.

He was said to have boasted to his friends at a party that he was spending ‘owo PDP’ (PDP funds) which was later traced to embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

Months into his dalliance with Governor Fayose, Agbele was said to have had a lot to show for it, first was the revival of his ailing Platinum nightclub on Awolowo road, Ibadan which he renovated and equipped with modern gadgets and later his choice of cars, property acquisition followed by a show of affluence wherever he goes.

His Platinum nightclub which had for ages been in a state of coma was suddenly revived and became the delight of fun lovers who dumped their former hangouts to have the touch of the newest place in town.

The renovation of the Platinum club was one of Agbele’s biggest achievement as the hangout is the only business he knows.

People close to Mr Agbele had nice things to say about him, he is said to have been around for so long that he was said to have offered his jeep to a friend for his campaign in the 80’s, the election the friend won and later became a two-term Governor of Lagos State, thus was his generosity before he fell on bad times and had to keep a low profile before he was given a life-line again by the Ekiti State Governor.

Presently the man whose name has become the topic of a huge scandal is said to have absconded for fear of an arrest by the EFCC. His phones were permanently switched off while his house had also been put under locks. Mr Agbele was missing in all his usual fun places lending credence to reports that he has gone underground.

Papermacheonline reporters visited his hangout on Awolowo avenue, Bodija Ibadan on Wednesday, June 22, 2015 and discovered that the hangout still records its usual booming sales while the staffers of the club go about their normal duties under the prying gazes of a manager who consciously scanned any visitor to the club with suspicious gestures.

Litany Of Lies; How Gov Ayo Fayose Is Catching At Every Straw

Flailing and gasping, just like a sinking man is the best way to describe the recent actions of Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose as he embarks on a mudslinging tour to bring down as many people as possible.

The politician whose latest victim is financial institution, Zenith Bank which he dragged into his survival strategy with claims that the financial institution bankrolled his election has turned the laughing stock of the public who were still recovering from the shock of his allegation that the Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha Buhari was involved in a bribery scandal that earned a United States congressman, Williams Jefferson a long jail term.

Sources revealed Fayose’s tactics to discredit Zenith bank to collapse the allegations on his neck.

The governor and his handlers went to town some days ago to spread the news that Zenith Bank provided the financial muscle for Fayose during his elections.

Their mission was said to be simple ‘drag the bank into the crisis’.

The Governor named many sources by which he made money, laughable of the claims was that he made some money from selling souvenirs, a claim that was riddled with questioning by people who asked for the population of Ekiti State and how much the Governor made from the sales.

Since the news broke that his account with Zenith has being freezed, the Governor turned around and started making different allegations and claims on how the bank financed him, a claim the bank described as a ‘big lie!’.

Friends, Associates Clear Mahmood Ahmadu From Money Laundering Allegation

Friends and associates of Nigerian businessmen, Mahmood Ahmadu who was recently designed with a meritorious award by the British government have described an allegation linking Ahmadu with money laundering as fictitious and a filth meant for the garbage.
Against a newspaper report stating Mahmood as a money launderer came the reaction which gave the writer the freedom to present an evidence to prove Mahmood was indeed charged for money laundering and ‘wanted’ in the United Kingdom as specified.
The Chairman of the Association of Online Media Practitioners(AMPON) Wole Arisekola described the report as malicious with the intent of damaging the businessman’s hard-earned reputation.
Arisekola called for caution in the practise of investigating journalism and also advised thorough professionalism in daily news reporting.

DOS Clothing Store Hosts Fab Fashionistas To Cocktails & Shopping With Pop-Up In Accra

It was a gathering of stylish women and happy shoppers as Nigerian premium womenswear brand, DOS Clothing Store held a Pop-Up event at the Lionheart Event Center in Accra, Ghana on Sunday, 29th May, 2016.

DOS Clothing Store is known for its trendy, edgy and modern pieces.
The fashion brand which recently launched a website where pieces can be bought from and directly delivered to your door step, will be unveiling its 2016 Summer Collection in Lagos very soon with some interesting campaigns lined up… stay tuned! However, stylish guests in the city of Accra in Ghana were first treated to a fab day of cocktails, nibbles and shopping.

‘Abba Moro Ignored Due Process In Fatal Immigration Recruitment’ -witness

David Shiafu Parradang, a former Comptroller-General of the Nigerian Immigration Service has revealed that former Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, broke every rule of recruitment into the Immigration Service in the unfortunate March 15, 2014 recruitment exercise.

Parrandang, on Friday disclosed that though he was the head of the immigration service at that time, he was not officially informed of the recruitment exercise that turned tragic and resulted in the death of 15 applicants.

Parrandang, who was testifying as first Prosecution Witness, against Abba Moro and three others in their roles in the recruitment exercise, said apart from not being officially informed of the exercise, he only got to know about it through a newspaper advertorial.
The former Comptroller General also told the court that the Ministry of Interior, headed then by Moro, did not follow any procedure in the recruitment excercise.

“As regard to procedure, we have been holding many exercises in the past, first we will collect applications, screen, shortlist and then set up a date for examination of candidates in their states of origin. After that we then mark papers and qualified candidates invited for physical screening. This is to see whether candidates have height and other requirements to enter paramilitary service. Then after that they will be subjected to physical exercise like standing for hours and other rigours of the job.

But all these were not followed in the 2014 exercise”, he said.

He continued: “With implication of funds, we said when the Minister announced the date of the recruitment, we told him we were not ready financially. We had no money to fund the exercise.

“We then communicated this to the subcommittee on recruitment, and suggested whether the consultant that did the online recruitment (fourth defendant), that was engaged by the Ministry can fund the exercise. Based on that, the subcommittee wrote a letter to the company that we did not have budget and asked if money collected by tne consultant will be used to fund the excersise.

“I was told by the company that it’s not in the agreement it signed with the Ministry and the money (N1,000 paid by each applicant) was for online services only and the company was not required to fund the recruitment.

“We came back to position zero and we decided that it should be brought to the knowledge of the Minister, whether he could convince the company to fund the exercise.

“The subcommittee submitted the report, thereafter we waited for a reply, there was no response until the 14th of March, a day to the exercise. I got a letter, written on the 13th March, that arrangements have been concluded in respect of the recruitment on March 15 and that we should inform states accordingly.

“I thereafter called the Secretary to the board for money for my officers. He asked me to tell them to forward their account numbers to him”, the former CG said.

However, the coordinators in each zone later called to tell him, that they got N300, 000 each, which they complained it will not be enough.

He said when he asked the Secretary to the board where the money came from he was told it came from the consultant.

But when he protested that the money was not enough for logistics like hiring of venue, ambulance to provide first aid, he was told the exercise must go ahead.

Parradang also stated before the court that “not too long after the exercise started, I started getting calls that they were overwhelmed with the number of applicants, and I advised them to seek help from sister security agencies and keep me informed of further happening.

“Then on 16, while in Jos, I started receiving calls, SMS of the happenings and I went back to Abuja immediately to coordinate. I called them and asked them to back their complaints up with writing report. At the end we had 15 deaths and 165 injured, according to report by DSS”, Parrandang stated.

Speaking on the three slots given to the deceaseds’ siblings and those injured, which the then President Goodluck Jonathan openly gave, the witness said it was later overruled by the board, that said it was illegal.

“A year later, the President called us and those injured and siblings of those who died, three slots were openly given to each of them. Immediately after that, the President set up a presidential committee for another recruitment exercise but the three slots to those earlier given were not part of this fresh recruitment.

“The letters earlier given by the President were withdrawn, the Ministry said it was an illegal recruitment”, he concluded.

The trial Judge Justice Nnamdi Dimgba later adjourned till July 1 for cross examination of the witness.

Moro and three others were accused of defrauding 675, 675 graduate applicants of about N675,675,000, having been made to pay N1000 each as processing fees for 5,000 (five thousand) job openings.

The four defendants were also accused of breaching the Public Procurement Act, No. 65 of 2007 in the award of the contract for the organisation of the recruitment test to Drexel Tech Nigeria Ltd.

Oyo Pupils On Rampage; Kick Against Gov Ajimobi’s New Policy

Secondary school students in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State went berserk on Monday 6th June, 2016 to protest the Government’s move to return some schools to their owners.

From Molete to Challenge, Oluyole to Mokola the children marched out in their thousands carrying placards and calling the Governor unprintable names.

The APC secretariat located at the Oke Ado axis of the city was vandalised while the Governor’s private residence also in Oluyole was not also spared the anger of the school children.

Governor Ajimobi had earlier arrested some labour leaders in the state for disrupting his meeting with some stakeholders some days ago.

The union leaders were against the governor’s decision to return schools to private hands claiming the move is against the pre-election promises of the government.

There were some reports emanating from the government quarters that the demonstration by the students was incited by the labour unions to frustrate the government.