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Socialite, Femi ‘danku’ Lekuti Suffers Stroke (pleads ‘help! i don’t want to die’)

He ruled the social circle in the 90’s like a colossus, but life in its fairness and oddness is playing a cruel game on him.

Femi Lekuti was a name that commanded respect some decades ago and not many socialites and fuji music fans can easily forget the mention ‘danku ara wa ni, ijinle pam pam!’ in one of K.1’s lyrics where he sang his praise to high heavens.

The socialite is at the moment not enjoying the best of health and he is calling out to his friends for help.

In a phone conversation with papermacheonline Lekuti confirmed ‘yes, I’m battling stroke which has left part of my body in paralysis, right now I’m in Abeokuta where I was directed to seek traditional cure. Please reach my friends, tell them to help, I don’t want to die’.

His battle with sickness reportedly started some years ago and he had incurred a lot of bills which left him with little option than to sell his properties.

To all that know him in his days ‘Baba Imole’ was a kind man that could give all he had to help his friends.

The socialite is at the moment bed-ridden in his Ibadan home waiting for help in any direction to come.


MTN To Retrain Visafone Staff To Roll Out LTE 4G Technology

There are fresh indications that a good number of Visafone staff are to be retrained so they have the requisite skills for engaging the new 4G LTE technology.

Visafone, the leading CDMA Operator in Nigeria has been acquired by telecommunication giants, MTN Nigeria, with the acquisition expected to provide the GSM giant the robust voice and data platform of Visafone and cater for booming internet population of Nigeria. 

It was gathered that selected staff of Visafone are likely to commence the retraining immediately ahead of the launch of the new data service.

The aggressive launch of 4G LTE services by the merged entity of MTN and Visafone is also expected to drive the broadband penetration in the country from under 10% now to the targeted 30% by 2018 as per the national broadband plan of the Federal Government and help meet the national broadband plan targets.

The 4G LTE technology is particularly good for the country and economy because it will create a conducive platform for enhanced product/service innovation which will ultimately lead to the creation of even new jobs.

This is perhaps the most seamless and successful acquisition in Nigerian telecommunication industry.

Market watchers have commended the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and have said it be encouraged for supporting this initiative, which is widely applauded as a major telecom industry landmark deal.

MTN is now expected to massively and aggressively leverage the CDMA pedigree of Visafone to roll out premium products that portends very good business opportunity for the carrier and Nigerians.

This is expected to ensure a high quality data services and improve mobile broadband experience for subscribers of Visafone and MTN. 

The acquisition is expected to provide the much-needed relief to the booming Internet economy by making available quality mobile broadband services adopting the state of the art 4G LTE technologies during the year.

With about 150 million mobile subscribers and about 97 million Internet users Nigeria ranks among the fastest growing countries in terms of mobile subscribers and Internet penetration. However, vast majority of the 97 million Internet users today are experiencing narrow band Internet at 2G/3G speeds.

At present majority of data users use 2G/3G technologies and it is estimated that LTE users will constitute 80% of all data users by 2019.

Availability of 4G LTE mobile broadband services on a national scale starting 2016 is expected to act as a catalyst to many sectors of the economy like the booming e-Commerce, banking Insurance and financial services, Software and IT enabled services etc., and is likely to trigger widening of the revenue base of the federal government into non-oil sectors.

The market consolidation by the acquisition of the CDMA operator Visafone by the GSM operator MTN is the first in the history of telecom industry in Nigeria and is commendable in the larger interest of the country and the economy.

Former Accountant-General, Jonah Otunla Fingered In 500Million Dasuki Fund



Featuring fashion industry fast climbers including Meena, Nikki Anyasi,
Queen Onyemaechi, and industry mainstay such as Ituen Basi, Maki Oh,
Omoyemi Akerele, and others, the list is a diverse assortment of names
that will chart the course of the fashion and lifestyle industry in
Nigeria through the course of the new year.


Uju Marshall

No model has stayed relevant and as in demand as Uju Marshall. With a
stellar year behind her, walking 32 shows at the 2015 Fashion and Design
Week behind her and several critically received editorial campaigns to
her name and many debating that she is easily Nigeria’s first homegrown
super model

Seun Logan

Current muse for menswear brand Seun Logan was a revelation at the 2015
Lagos Fashion and Design Week. He quickly followed this with editorials
for Naatal Media helmed by Nigerian fashion veteran Helen Jennings. 2016
will be quite a year for Seun Logan as he is already one of the top 10
finalists for the Music Meets Runway model search, where a win will
catapult him into relevance.