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‘Majority of lubricants in Nigeria are sub-standards’ MD Automaze, Michael Odunlami



In this interview with the Managing Director of Automaze, Michael Odunlami he dissects the huge challenge motorists and lubricant manufacturers face in Nigeria and what he believes is a remedy to it. He also speaks about the driving force and efforts of oil giant, Rymax in ensuring that the Nigerian market meet the standard in high quality production of lubricants.

Let’s meet Michael Odunlami
I am Michael ‘Lekan odunlami, the MD of Automaze Nationwide Llimited which is the representative of Rymax lubricants in Nigeria. I was educated in the United Kingdom, I returned to Nigeria some years ago to start a career in business and that was how Automaze started.  Automaze Limited is about 7 years old and our business is situated in Lagos. The business is centered on vehicle maintenance, repairs and lubricants.
To give you a brief history of Rymax lubricants, Rymax was founded in the 80s in the Netherlands with headquarters in Arnhem, Netherlands. The brand is relatively new given our vision but possesses great potentials to be a leading brand in the world. We engage in all lubricants ranging from automotive to Agricultural,Industrial, Aviation, Construction, Mining etc. though we only offer automotive lubricant in Nigeria currently. Rymax is presently in more than 30 countries of the world spread across 5 continents.
It is an independent oil company solely dedicated to producing high quality lubricants to meet the highest standard in the world. Our quest for excellence is the reason we go extra miles to exceed our customer expectation and needs through investment, research, training and constant innovations and we hope to expand our business to other sectors in the near future.


Why is lubricant the only product Rymax has in Nigeria?


lubricants is the core and only business at Rymax  in Holland which is why the company is able to focus on quality and constant innovation in the lubricants sector. We couldn’t offer any other product to Nigerians because lubricants is all that we do. Like I said earlier, we only focus on automotive lubricants in Nigeria. In this category we offer various grades of engine oil and ATF and very soon car care product like coolants and the rest. Our range of vehicle engine oils covers mineral oil, semi synthetic and full synthetic engine oils. The mineral oil comes in multi grade in SAE 20w/50 called “Scylla” in the Rymax brand, while semi synthetics come in SAE10w/40 called “posidon” under same brand and 5w/30  & 5w/40 in full synthetic grades called “Syrinx”. This might sound a little difficult knowing the difference between these products but the simple analogy is that the higher you go in the grades, the better for your vehicle in the areas of fuel efficiency, prevention of wear and tear as a result of less friction, avoidance of sludge build up in the engine and most importantly enhancing a healthy and long lasting engine in vehicles because of the quality of detergents and additives in the products. The notion by people that “oil is oil” is nothing but fallacy. Engine oils have TDS (technical data sheet) which explains the technical details and also MSDS (material and safety data sheet) are the information required to judge a good quality engine oil but I wouldn’t want to go into technical details at this juncture so I don’t bore you or the readers. In the area of ATF (automatic transmission fluid), we have various products available like Dexron III, Dexron VI and Dexron III FS .  In other to help our clients we direct them to our website where they can locate and locate Oil Advisor. This helps people to know the right lubricants for their vehicles. One would be asked to input the vehicle detail and then submit. In a matter of seconds, we are able to recommend the right engine oil as recommended by the vehicle manufacturers. 

Picture-story: Wizkid Performs At OTC’s Industry Nite In Houston

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Movida Night Club Owner, Akeem Shodeinde Dies

The dandy boss of Movida nightclub, Akeem Shodeinde is dead.
Sources revealed that the man popularly known as ‘the General’ died yesterday morning in is Lekki, Lagos home.
Information pieced together by papermacheonline was that the club owner who was given to excessive drinking and smoking had been suffering from different serious ailments which eventually killed him on Sunday morning.
Akeem was said to have been managing a kidney problem which he always cast a joke of in public, saying ‘don’t you know I have only one kidney? Nothing can kill me again!’.
His last days is revealed to have been pitiful as he was badly beaten by the sickness which ravaged all his body.
He was said to have been kept in isolation with only few of his family members been allowed to see him.
Some of his friends who spoke with papermacheonline revealed the plans to fly him abroad but pleas for support falling on deaf ears of those they think were his close friends.
Before his death Akeem was said to have been totally indebted to many people, many of the debts he incurred in gambling, giving reasons why adequate medical attention could not be given to him.
Akeem started his nightclub career with Do It All, later he managed Xtreme Nightclub which was owned by Kamal Boustani, he moved to Reloaded before he finally floated his Movida nightclub which closed down long before his death.

90 Percent Of Nigerian Women Suffer Anaemia -NSN

May 6th, 2015, Lagos: Nigeria faces one of the largest burdens of micro-nutrient deficiencies, with anaemia the most common with a big impact on health of women and children, the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, NSN, have disclosed.

Specifically, 49 per cent of women of reproductive age have anaemia, 24.3 per cent have low iron stores and 12.7 per cent of them are iron deficient.

These figures indicate that majority of the adolescent girls and women did not meet the iron requirements of 20 milligrams per day as recommended by the Food and Agricultural Organisation and, the World Health Organisation.

Iron deficiency anaemia is a condition in which the red blood cells or their oxygen-carrying capacity is insufficient to meet physiological needs of the body. The symptoms of anaemic condition includes, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, drowsiness, shortages of breath and all these militate against active living and human productivity as iron is critical to learning process and energy for day to day activities.