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From Government House To Rented Apartment (the many troubles of Lagos Dep-Gov, Ajoke Adefulire: how she combs Lagos street in search of accommodation + her fallout with Tinubu)



Lagos State Deputy Governor, Ajoke Adefulire is presently at a loss over what to do before the May 29 handover date which officially signals the end of her tenure as the number two citizen of Lagos State.

Sources revealed to papermacheonline that the woman has a lot of hurdles to jump before the handover date.

Biggest on her plate is where to live as there was an order issued by the Governor to all occupants of State houses to vacate some weeks before the hand over date for proper renovation of the houses to take place.

The Lagos Deputy Governor who presided over the affairs of Lagos State with Governor Babatunde Fasola could not boast of having a house anywhere she calls her own, same for her husband, Abiodun who is a magistrate in Lagos.

Immediately the order of vacation was served, the Deputy-Governor was said to have intimated her husband who was out of Lagos at the time, he rushed back and they both agreed to stuff their properties in a container pending the time they would rent an apartment.

The order came as a surprise to the politician who relied on the plan of the government to build a house for past Governors and Deputy-Governors of Lagos State.

The house which was meant for her is located at Cameroun Road, Ikoyi and is presently under construction, but there were words that she may not likely benefit from the arrangement for some political reasons.

The woman and her husband were said to have used the thick of the night in engaging their domestic staffers to move out their belongings from the State house in Ikoyi.

Their belongings as at the time of filing this report are intact in a container somewhere around Lekki, Lagos.

Her travails was said to have started after she was rejected for a Senatorial nomination by her constituency.

Her high handedness and distance from the grassroot was said to have cost her the ticket which was given to a candidate the people claimed they have the trust in.

The Lagos Deputy Governor was said to have been angry when she was told by her party leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu that after consultation with her people they said they don’t want her as they raised the fear that the party might lose to the opposition if she was fielded.

Adefulire was angry as she thought Asiwaju Tinubu was in a good position to turn down the request of her constituency and she was amazed when Asiwaju mentioned that he doesn’t want to interfere or impose her on the people.

The enraged politician was said to have stormed the houses of some party chieftains and reported Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, she was even alleged to have threatened to leave the APC. The party chieftains were said to have reported her threat to Tinubu who vowed to wash his hands off her matters.

Part of the punishment meted out to her was to sideline her throughout the campaign as she was given no role to handle and Asiwaju made sure she no longer had any access to him.

Sources revealed she is presently lobbying some people close to Buhari to see what she can get from the government at the centre.

The source further confirmed that the Deputy-Governor and her husband went to inspect a duplex at Ilabere Queens Close, Ikoyi where they plan to rent pending the time she gets a hold on what to be her future in politics.



Chocolate City Boss Audu Maikori Resigns

  Audu Maikori, the CEO of Chocolate City Music has announced his plans to retire come June 2015. He announced this yesterday to a tearful crowd of fans and admirers at the Nigerian Entertainment Conference 2015 held at Eko Hotels and Suites, Lagos.

According to him, his decision was based on the need to further strengthen the company and allow for the injection of new ideas into the system. He however did not reveal who will replace him.

‘I have headed Chocolate City for the past 10 years and its been the most amazing period of my life despite the many challenges that came with it. There were times, I would get home and wished I wouldn’t have to go to work the next day. Some other times, artistes will need money and even though unavailable, we still have to find a way. 

At this point I have decided to step down as CEO of Chocolate City to allow for the younger generation to steer the ship. My resignation takes effect from June, but I wont disclose who will take over from me until then’, he said.

His announcement came shortly after one of the label’s super stars, MI had spoken explicitly about why record labels will continue to operate in the industry for a long time to come,

‘At Chocolate City, we have adopted what I will like to call the “360 deal” approach. This caters for the artiste as a brand in totality and seeks to promote and better his craft, sales, management, endorsement as well as appeal to fans, rather than just sell his albums’

MI later announced the merger of his Loopy Music with Chocolate City and a compilation album which will be released exclusively on STAR Music App.

The record label has had Maikori chair its affairs since it was founded in 2005 and presently boasts well over 10 artistes including MI, Ice Prince, Jesse Jagz, Ruby Gyang, Nosa, Victoria Kimani, Loose Kaynon, DJ Caise, DJ Lambo and others.

WHAT ARE WE SELLING? -Ayeni Adekunle

On Friday, April 17, I had a long phone conversation with the actor, Muyiwa Ademola, who’s facilitating correspondence with three aged colleagues – Adebayo Faleti, Moses Olaiya (Baba Sala), and Lere Paimo. By the time he finished painting the picture of their current state, I was close to tears.

The night before, I had spent sometime meeting with the gentlemen from Uba Pacific, the music marketing label responsible for some of the biggest albums of the past few years. It was our second meeting in months. And as they stood to leave, I shook my head and wondered, ‘what exactly is happening?’ The take-out from these two conversations? Once thriving professionals, who can no longer make ends meet, even after dedicating their entire lives to their work. A once thriving element of what should be an industry now nearing comatose. A gifted community of people with so much talents and promise, yet so much uncertainty and want. So much poverty.

Since we started NECLIVE in 2013, I have taken time to find out more about the structure of the many businesses that make up what we call an industry. I have researched extensively on living conditions of those who work within the creative sector, while trying to understand what the sustainable revenue options are. What I’ve found, from Nollywood to media and music, is that the system is full of plenty, bright young men and women, drawn in by the perceived potentials and successes they see from afar. Gifted men and women who want to make a change and write their names in gold. What I’ve found is a system, dominated by this set of people and their enthusiasm on the one hand, and another set of people – much older and frustrated, on the other. The older, spent set have been burnt. They know why it can’t be done. Some have given up and moved to other industries. Some remain here, hanging on to whatever is left. They’ve seen it all. And they’ll tell you for free, that this circle will never end.

Diezani Madueke Returns! Attends FEC Meeting

Guess who’s back! Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Madueke sure understands how to silence her detractors.
The woman who had been reportedly turned down by 6 countries where she sought asylum to escape the wrath of the incoming government did not pretend to lash out at those behind the tale as she attends the Federal Executive Council meeting in Abuja today.
Deziani while speaking to journalists who mobbed her to get her response on the recent reports said ‘ I have not sought any assistance because I am not aware that I have been indicted of any crime that I will need a soft landing’.
Her recent meeting with General Abdusalami Abubakar was regarded as one of her many steps to seek a soft landing from the incoming administration of General Muhamaddu Buhari who has been threatening zero tolerance for corruption, but the Minister in her calm response stated that she committed no offense and had no reason to seek asylum anywhere.

Fall-out With Oyo First Lady, Aide Beaten To A Pulp Inside Governor’s House (she was attacked streets away, not within the premises -media aide)

In what looked like a payback for ‘disrespecting’ the Oyo State First Lady, Florence Ajimobi, one of her closest aide, Lape was recently beaten and stripped while on a visit to the Governor’s house.

Sources claimed the aide who was sacked from the First Lady’s team after she was alleged of backbiting and was ordered back to her primary job in the civil service was said to have been invited to the Governor’s personal home in Oluyole, Ibadan by the First Lady.

The reason for her invitation to the Governor’s home was for her to return some funds which was with her before her sudden demotion.

Oblivious of any circumstance, the aide whose husband is a Permanent Secretary in the State civil service walked into the Governor’s house where she encountered the First Lady. An argument ensued which attracted a lot of attention and the First Lady was alleged to have ordered her out of the house where she was thoroughly beaten, stripped and disgraced by people who were believed to be party thugs who were carrying out orchestrated errands for the First Lady.

An eye witness disclosed to papermacheonline that her attack looked well planned as she was attacked immediately she stepped out of the house with her assailants stripping her while taking her pictures with their mobile phones.

Those in the know claimed that Lape’s  attack was a warning signal for her as she was alleged to have confided in a colleague that she would reveal some information about the First Lady which she would not be happy with and to forestall such incident from happening came the public ridicule she suffered.

Papermacheonline called  one of the media representatives of the Oyo State First Lady, Yejide Gbenga-Ogundare who confirmed that Lape was attacked but it wasn’t within the compound of the Governor.

In her words ‘I heard she was attacked, but it wasn’t within the vicinity, she was attacked streets away. The First Lady knew nothing about the attack,  on that day she didn’t even see the First Lady. She was the one that knows the problem she had with the politicians who attacked her’.

This is a link to the story as reported some months ago by papermacheonline when the aide was sacked…


 Media Man, Fisayo Ajibola Floats Perfect Brands Magazine


Still basking in the euphoria of the wide acceptance it has received from Brands aficionados and its ever growing online community, Perfect Global Options, owner of one of the fastest growing online mediums has announced the birth of its quarterly magazine, Perfect Brands.
Speaking on the objective of Perfect Brands, the Editor in chief, Fisayo Ajibola disclosed that the magazine will be a leading source of news for marketing, media and advertising professionals as it delivers insightful, forward-thinking content across various platforms, a must-read for CMOs, creatives, media buyers, content creators, agency heads and anyone looking to stay informed about the marketing communication landscape. 
“Perfect Brands is a revolution in reporting and analyzing brands & marketing, marketing communications’ activities, issues and allied subjects and the industry generally and is not just ‘another magazine’ jostling for space.
Speaking further, he said the birth of the magazine is a fulfillment of the promises made during the launch of the online medium as Perfect Brands is another of the series of surprises that will come from Perfect Global Options, he reiterated that the magazine will toe the line of its online medium whose objectives will be to educate and entertain our teeming readers.
Perfect Brands consisted of young but dynamically talented individuals with cumulative experience of over 20 years in the industry that are fired up by the desire to build a successful brand in reporting marketing communications happenstances with all sincerity.


CBN topshot, Bayo Adelabu constructs multimillion naira plaza in Ibadan

The Deputy-Governor, Corporate Services Directorate of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Bayo Adelabu has just constructed an eye-popping shopping mall in his hometown, Ibadan.

The banker who was an Executive Director in First Bank before his appointment as a Deputy-Governor with the apex bank is a man with huge ideas and interests in hospitality and Real Estate.

About four months into his appointment into CBN he opened a hotel, Bayse One in the Jericho area of the city.

The Bayse One hotel is presently the best in the city judging from its location, the facilities and the level of patronage.

Barely some months after the opening of the Bayse One Hotel, the banker pulled another one with the completion of the shopping mall which he also named BAYSE ONE CHECKMATE PLAZA.

Those in the know claimed that the new plaza must have caused him a fortune, giving details to its location, Ring Road  which has become the commercial nerve centre of the city.

The new shopping mall just like his hotel boasts of ultra-modern facilities which can only be found in exquisite places.

Bayo Adelabu who is a grandson of the popular Ibadan late politician, Chief Adegoke Adelabu is a man loved by many in his hometown with a promising political future.Bayo-Adelabu